USS Athena

The Gamma Quadrant is a place of mystery and untold secrets that lay within its depths, but for the most part has been practically untouched by the Federation after the Dominion War. Due to some research by Dr. Basai, information regarding a potential danger about a supposedly adverted threat that had been uncovered which was worthy of investigating. With this data in mind, a ship and a crew had to be selected and prepared for the mission.

The ship, the USS Athena, a brand new Odyssey class starship, was commissioned and assigned the mission. The Odyssey has a crew compliment of over two-thousand personnel and space for up to five hundred civilians, so the crew is can be near their families. The quantum slipstream drive allows her to go on deep space exploration missions, along with the capacity to have resources enough to support itself. It’s closest station being a month away at slipstream, making it reasonable that support and supply runs are in short supply.

The Athena's Commanding Officer, Captain Selene Faranfey, and the crew from the USS Doyle-A were hand selected for this mission. With the Captain's unique history, the loyalty of her crew, and Athena’s systems, they should be prepared to encounter whatever comes around the corner.

Even though it was an investigation into a past threat that sent the Athena to the Gamma Quadrant, their primary mission is to seek out new life and civilizations.