USS Discovery

[p]The USS Discovery-C is a Sovereign class vessel under the command of Captain Tyr Waltas. Its predecessor the USS Discovery-B was previously known as the USS Morningstar and considered lost a few years ago. After a distinguished, yet short, service, Discovery-B was decommissioned and is resigned to being a test-bed for new technologies after a flaw was found in its design that made it vulnerable to attack.[/p] [p]The task now continues on with the USS Discovery-C a Sovereign class vessel. Constructed in 2388. After a terrorist severely damaged her predecessor, Waltas was given command of the new ship and she was christened NCC-31929-C. Affectionately referred to as "The Lady" by her crew, Discovery acts as the flagship for the Avalon sector, a largely unexplored region of space near the Romulan border. With a mighty ship to carry on the name, the moniker Discovery stands to echo through history.[/p]