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About the USS Constitution

The USS Constitution NCC-9012-B, is one of the longest serving vessels in the Starbase 118 fleet. As such the vessel has had a very colorful history with adventures spanning countless crews who have visited a rich variety of different planets and star systems. She is currently under the command of Commander Shelther Faranster, latest in a long line of officers to hold the center seat aboard this fine vessel.

On her last five year mission of exploration the Constitution-B already dealt with a vast number of challenges, critical situations and First Contacts. Indeed, previously the vessel has been commanded by a variety of infamous Starfleet officers. For example in 2379 the centre chair was held by CommanderJessa Anassasi (now Rear Admiral) before she was promoted and reassigned to the USS Independence, and thereafter command passed to Fleet Captain Xan Hebron until both he and his entire crew were lost. Despite the crew's mysterious and unfortunate disappearance, the starship itself remained "Undefeated" and was later found adrift and retrieved by members of Captain Rocar's crew during a mission that involved clashes with a parallel universe as they searched for the missing starship. Captain Rocar (now Rear Admiral) took the centre chair for a short while before his re-assignment to Starbase 118 when Commander Daydan Taboo (now Captain) took the centre chair. In 2386, the Constitution-B returned to active duty, initially under the command of the newly promoted Captain Cura Assanti, then Commander Samuel Perkinsbefore being re-assigned as a support ship to Starbase 118 in 2388. It wasn't until 2391 that another would take her Centre Seat, when Commander Shelther Faranster was assigned Command.

The Constitution-B is a Galaxy class starship, making her one of the Starfleet's most prestigious assignments. Traditionally crewed with the best and the brightest, Galaxy class vessels like the Constitution-B were formerly the largest and most powerful vessels in Starfleet. Nowadays the base design is over a decade old which means a number of newer advanced starship classes, such as the Sovereign or the Intrepid classes, have been brought in to service. Nonetheless, Galaxy class starships remain a formidable part of the fleet capable of taking on all types of assignment from exploration to diplomacy to defense. Moreover, the Constitution-B is also home to some 1000 people, not just Starfleet Officers, but also civilians and families. As such she houses a vast array of recreational facilities including gymnasiums, a theatre and concert hall, holodecks, a phaser range, an arboretum, educational facilities for children and Ten Forward bar.

Temporarily, the Constitution-B was a test bed for making upgrades to the Galaxy class and she spent many years in service as an uprated vessel with a third warp nacelle. The uprated version was not altogether unsuccessful and can sometimes be seen in service, for example the USS Steadfast-A after a major refit, however, the Constitution-B being a slightly older Galaxy class vessel meant certain aspects of the upgrades proved problematic, particularly as the third nacelle was causing a slight imbalance in the ship's warp field. Since the nacelle had been severely damaged when the abandoned ship was retrieved, Starfleet agreed that the third nacelle upgrade be removed and the vessel restored to her original configuration ready for her new missions. At the same time, slight modifications were made to the Bridge and the computer systems, and a new and versatile crew assigned. The Constitution-B's motto is "Undefeated" which is indicative of the courage, pride, energy and ingenuity of this ship's crew and officers.