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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Waters: Part of Oneself

2020-04-25 22:34:29


((Sickbay, Deck 5 -- U.S.S Eagle))

Strong: And how have you been feeling lately? Any aches, pains or=20
problems not mentioned in your medical file?

Chloe considered the question for a short time, giving Mandy and the=20
ensign a look momentarily. She scritched Mandy's chin as the dog=20
curiously sniffed at her fellow canines, clearly wanting to get more=20
friendly with them. Unfortunately, the carriers prevented it. The dog=20
let out a soft communicative sound as Chloe shook her head.

Waters: I have no complaints at this time. Things have... changed, that=20
is certain.

Strong: Changed how?

Waters: This crown ::tipping her head:: is a replacement for my=20
translator, which failed recently.

Chloe reached up a hand and tapped her upper lip lightly, right where=20
the device had been implanted. Where before it served as a curse, in=20
Chloe's eyes, now it lay dormant.

Strong: So the crown is an update to your translator. Does that mean you=20
no longer need the unit in your lip?

That much was certain. But even still, for some reason she felt a=20
certain... reluctance, over what she thought Karen was proposing.

Waters: That is... accurate.

Strong: Response

Waters: Remove it?

Strong: Response

Waters: What would that... involve?

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Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters


USS Juneau, NX-99801

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