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Lieutenant Karise Indobri: Examination Complete

2020-04-26 05:08:51


(( Main Medical, Deck 7, USS Juneau, en route to rendezvous with USS Eagle

Indobri: Well, this seems fairly routine. Nothing of note in your medical
records. :: she began to scan him with the tricorder and synchronously
download the data to the medical database for further analysis. :: Are you
experiencing any kind of unusual symptoms right now? Anything out of the
ordinary? Even the smallest thing could be important.

Hankow: Thankfully I feel great doctor.

Indobri: Oh, that's good. I wasn't really expecting there t=
o be, but I have
to ask, you understand.

Hankow: Yes, of course.

The scans showed him to be in perfect health, but she still needed to
review the data and do a comparative analysis with the physical he should
have received after graduating from the Academy. While she was waiting for
the results, she decided a little light conversation would help keep things
less tense and formal.

Indobri: So, I know we haven't been here long, but how are you find=
things so far? This is such a remarkable opportunity for me.

Hankow: I've had quite the experience so far. ::He paused: I've spent many
hours in my beautiful counseling suite, I've had a not so nice conversation
with a Caitain and=E2=80=A6 that's it. Excited to meet the rest of the crew=

Indobri: Most definitely. Especially my colleagues. I really think this is
going to be such a great opportunity. We get to see new things, go to new

Hankow: I absolutely agree with you.

Hankow: Are you thinking of heading down to the ringworld?

Indobri: Well, after we get there, yes. If I can, of course. I'm no=
t really
sure what's going to happen once we arrive. But if I get a chance t=
o see
it, I am almost definitely going to take it. What about you?

Hankow: Response

Indobri: Oh, I think you should. You're going to need to get to kno=
w the
crew anyway, since you're the Counselor. Need to start building con=
now, don't you think? Of course, I'm a doctor, not a Counse=
lor, so I
wouldn't dare presume to tell you you're profession.

Hankow: Response

A chirping from the console indicated that the analysis was complete and
Karise looked over at it to see the results. As expected, perfect health
with no changes that were out of the ordinary.

Indobri: Well, Counselor, looks good here. I certify you fit for duty.

Hankow: Response

((TAG: Hankow))

Lieutenant Karise Indobri

Medical Officer

USS Juneau NX-99801


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