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Lieutenant JG Kano Risha. A waterfall unlike any other

2020-04-26 09:17:09


((Biome 392, the ring world.))

During the 4 hour hike to the river, Risha had seen quite a lot of strange =
and unusual things. Armed with the holocamera and tricorder she had documen=
ted and scanned each thing she had seen, and if it was strange enough she h=
ad even taken a sample, such as the crystalline flowers she had come across=
, growing in a patch of treeless ground, the flowers singed as the wind blo=
w through them,=20

The animal life seemed to consist of insects, birds and mammals, just like =
most ecosystems. She had also taken samples of various fruits, nuts and ber=
ries that grew upon various trees and plants.=20

After scanning a orange like fruit she found on one tree, discovering it wa=
s possibly safe to eat, she took the plunge, the fruit was juicy and sweet,=
it had a soft melting texture which reminded her of an orange, the taste s=
eemed more like a banana.=20

When she reached the river she found it teeming with various fish, which sc=
attered when she approached the bank. She scanned collecting lots of data, =
not that she needed to, she was on shoreleave, a science team could easily =
be doing this, but the chance to explore this waterfall was too tempting, w=
hich of course, once the science department found out, they asked her to ge=
t a few scans for them, which of course she had done.=20

((3hours later.))

((The waterfall.))

Following the river she arrived at this gravity defying waterfall. To say i=
t was beautiful was an understatement. The light from the star cast an almo=
st perpetual perfect rainbow at the crest. The waterfall itself wasn't over=
ly tall, no more that 10ft in height, surrounded by trees it was a slice of=

She took detailed photos with the holocamera, and left the tricorder on a f=
ull continuous scan.=20

She decided to climb up the side and noted that oddle the gravity around th=
e waterfall was much lower that elsewhere, however once at the top the grav=
ity seemed heavier.=20

She checked the readings and she became confused, something about the rocks=
and the water make up, along with some unique readings she couldnt even be=
gin to try to work out.=20

The sky began to darken, and the water seemed to illuminate, she noted that=
the fish and underwater plants seemed to be bio-luminous.=20

After scanning she removed her tricorder, commbadge and phaser, putting the=
m on the bank, with her samples and packs she removed her boots and lept in=
to the water, which was surprisingly warm, feeling the water surrounding he=
r as she floated, the lights from the water and the sky, she felt completel=
y at peace.=20

After just laying there for a few minutes, she headed back to the back, dry=
ing herself the best she could and readied herself for the 7 hour hike back=
to the beam up point.=20

It was a long way and she was beginning to feel tired, but on this new uniq=
ue world she felt re-energised.=20

Lieutenant JG Kano Risha=20
Co-chief security=20
USS Juneau NX-99801

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