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Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie - Reporting In

2020-04-26 11:02:22


*((CMO's Office, Deck Ten, USS Thor))*

*Kells: *=3D/\=3D Kells to MacKenzie and Garcia. =3D/\=3D

As she dismissed the other two members of her group, she quickly ran
through their conversation and formed a summation adequate to respond to
the Captain. Taking a deep breath, she pressed the comm button on her desk.

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D MacKenzie here. =3D/\=3D

*Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D

*Kells*: =3D/\=3D Doctor, Lieutenant, where are you when it comes to prepar=
for a potential descent? =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D Well, sir, we're going to be working up until=
the last
minute. I'm worried about potential radiation poisoning from the ne=
The shields should offer sufficient protection, but I'm going to ha=
ve our
med techs replicate extra Hyronalyn to keep on hand in case we need to
inoculate everyone. We'll need to do an analysis of the planet to m=
ake sure
it's safe to send an away team =E2=80=93 maybe there's some=
thing about the planet
that protects the colonists from the radiation, or they've learned =
tolerate it, but we have no way to know how any amount of radiation will
affect our people. =3D/\=3D

*Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D

*Kells*: =3D/\=3D I agree. We should observe first contact protocols, no ma=
what. How about the safety of any away team? =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D Frankly, we have no idea what we're beaming i=
nto=E2=80=A6 no way
to know if there have been any temporal effects on the planet or their
people. =3D/\=3D

*Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D

*Kells*: =3D/\=3D Response =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D Captain, Commander Brodie is concerned about the
psychological trauma these people may face, and I'm concerned about=
long-term medical relief we might need to provide if it turns out these
colonists are suffering from radiation poisoning=E2=80=A6 =3D/\=3D

*Kells/Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Responses =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D I've assigned Ensign Wilkins to put together =
a report
about the colony to brief anyone on an away team so they'd have an =
idea for
what they might find if the colonists are=E2=80=A6not up to speed. =3D/\=3D

*Kells/Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Responses =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D Any other orders, Captain? =3D/\=3D

*Kells/Garcia*: =3D/\=3D Responses =3D/\=3D

*MacKenzie*: =3D/\=3D Acknowledged. MacKenzie out. =3D/\=3D

(OOC: Happy to backsim/continue the conversation as needed.)

Addison sat back in her chair and took a deep breath. They had a lot of
work ahead of them, and it wouldn't be long before they arrived. Sh=
e rose
from her chair and went to meet with the med techs.

*Tag, and TBC! *


*Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Chief Medical
Officer USS Thor*


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