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Ensign Dar Elandra: Guerilla tactics and diplomatic first contacts...

2020-04-26 10:25:39


*((Astrometrics Suite Three, Deck 3, U.S.S. Thor)) *

*Brell*: That could get the finer details we would need without having to
send down an entire team.

*Greaves*: (Frowning) I don't like the idea of a probe. The colonis=
ts were
capable of space flight and likely have some kind of sensors. That=E2=80=
=99s the
best-case scenario. If an advanced race is on the planet they certainly
also have advanced sensors. either way, it's likely that a probe w=
ould be
more difficult to hide, and would give the presence of the ship away. It
also couldn't think for itself and wouldn't be able to make=
prime directive
based decisions if discovered.

Dar listened as the ideas were tossed around like a hackeysack. She tried
to think of anything she had used or even heard of being used during her
time in the resistance, but back in those days there was not a lot of
advanced technology readily available to the Bajoran resistance and a lot
of there tactics were guerilla and well to use the word loosely primitive.

*Dar*: Some sort of camouflage maybe?

*Garcia*: Is there any merit in using a holograph in place of the probe?

*Brell*: Both in tandem maybe? Though I would feel a probe would be enough
to get the data we need quickly after hitting orbit.

*Greaves*: The hologram would require an emitter, but could work. I=E2=80=
still concerned with the dynamic decision-making ability of a machine,
however. If it's discovered and all. Something unmanned certainly=
less risk though.

*Dar*: Call me old school but I prefer a more, life-form approach to
collect delicate information like this, yes even though there is a risk to
human life...

She raised a brow. She wasn't one much for using too much technology in one
go, but she guessed this was the new Starfleet and albeit she wasn't that
old all the technical talk did start to make her feel more her age.

*Brell*: What about a probe network? if we used microprobes like those
carried on runabouts we could get a detailed visual net on the whole planet
in a way our sensors couldn't. We would be able to fabricate as man=
y as we
needed with the facilities we have on the Thor.

Wes turned the idea over in his head a few times, finally nodding.

*Greaves*: The microprobes probably would be harder to detect. Any idea
what kind of electromagnetic signature the data network would create?

*Dar:* Do we know what the planet's atmosphere is like? If I am not
mistaken microprobes can be very sensitive and if there is any sort of
fluctuations on the planet, might not work.

*Garcia/Brell*: responses

*Greaves*: So, after we get some eyes on the settlement and the
inhabitants, what next? 250 years is a long time. How do we convince these
people we're from the Federation and here to help? They may not tr=
ust us.

This almost made her think about what she had read about the first
encounter between the Vulcans and Earth. She didn't have much experience
with first contact encounters but she knew one thing, it was always easier
to convince one person at a time then to try and convince 10 or 20 or maybe

*Dar:* I would suggest we try and isolate one maybe two of the colonists if
we can convince them we mean no harm it might be easier for them to convey
our sentiment to the rest than us barging in on a couple of dozen and
trying to convince them all at once. It will also give us a better
understanding of the mindset we are facing down there.

She paused to let what she was suggesting sink in.

*Dar:* We have no idea what or how they view outsiders and well mob
mentality can be dangerous.

*Garcia/Brell/Greaves*: responses


* Ensign Dar ElandraSecurity OfficerDuronis II Embassy/ USS
Thunder-AC237904DE0 *


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