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Lieutenant JG Melody Delri\'ise - ...and You?

2020-04-26 16:09:55


((Eagles Nest, Deck 2 - USS Eagle))

Waters: What is your name?

Delri'ise: I'm Melody, and you are?

Waters: Chloe Waters, helmswoman. ::beat:: And in all likeliness, the short=
est crew member aboard.

oO Shortest? I'd doubt she'd be joking, considerin'=
this is only a ship of one-fifty people. Oo

Delri'ise: Well, either way, I'm pleased to make your acqua=
intance finally.

Melody extended her hand, slightly recoiling at the odd sniffing gesture of=
Chloe's companion. Despite growing up on Earth, Terran animals jus=
t always seemed a little strange to her. She never spent enough time around=
one to fully understand them. Melody locked eyes with the dog for a moment=
, seeing an expression of utter bliss glazing Mandy's eyes. It was =
pleasant, but so=E2=80=A6 fascinatingly odd at the same time.

Waters: Easy there, Mandy. I do not think she is comfortable with you yet. =
Lie down.

Melody met Chloe's gaze for a second, she smiled warmly while hesit=
antly going in to shake the woman's hand. Thankfully, with the aid =
of her gloves, she had no need to panic or worry about the invasiveness of =
her empathy. Melody let out a shaky, yet soft sigh, feeling Chloe's=
unfamiliar warmth against the glove's fabric.

Waters: It is good to meet you.

Melody nodded to the helmswoman and gave her warmest smile to the red colla=
red woman. It felt nice to be able to meet more of the crew, she was worrie=
d things would be harder after two missions in. Yet, somehow the idea of be=
ing the =E2=80=98mysterious senior officer' sounds like it would en=
tice others, rather than it would push them away. All Melody wanted was to =
avoid flying herself under the radar of the crew and command staff. But som=
ehow, she felt that with the impression she made on Commander Shayne, it wa=
s enough to get her name on the crew's lips.

Delri'ise: Likewise, Lieutenant.

oO She's a Lieutenant ain't she? ::eyes darting:: At least =
I'm pretty sure she is. Oo

Melody kept watch of Chloe's gaze as she glanced out the large wind=
ows of the mess hall, resting her elbows on the table.

Waters: Are you settling in well?

What an oddly general, yet specific question to ask. In truth, Melody didn=
't know how she was settling. Come to think of it, she still felt a=
lot of weight on her shoulders. Despite being there for less than a month,=
Melody missed the Embassy. Even moreso, she found herself aching for the p=
eople she met on the Astraeus. She missed them so dearly, Captain Mei=E2=80=
=99konda, heck, even Commander Rosek. So many faces stuck to Melody=E2=80=
=99s mind, even those she shared the smallest interaction with. It was hard=
to believe they'd ended up on the other side of the quadrant.

Delri'ise: I'm=E2=80=A6 settlin' in fine. Y'know, i=
t's a little odd just jumpin' from ship to ship though. ::S=
he chuckled::

Waters: Response?

Delri'ise: I mean, a few, I wouldn't say a heap though. The=
y've all been short assignments. What about you? Is the Eagle your =
first assignment.

Waters: Response?


Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise


Tactical Officer + Graphics Coordinator


USS Eagle/USS Juneau




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