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PNPC Ambassador Kalianna Nicholotti - Workaholics?

2020-04-26 17:42:50


((Bridge, USS Juneau))

Having arrived at their destination just in time to meet up with the Eagle =
for short leave, Kali sat as she listened to the other officers around her =
talking about the trip to the surface. Certainly there was plenty to experi=
ence there, but she had just gotten back from leave and she much preferred =
to wrap herself up in the marvel of metal and wiring that now surrounded he=

Perhaps that was odd to some, but for Kali it suited her just fine.

Wyss: Don't make me go alone, because I will.

Eiris: We wouldn't want that, I'll go along, someone has to warn them about=
wayward Ensigns.

Kali smiled to herself at the comment but said nothing.

Indobri: Oh, I would absolutely love to go. I should get a few things toget=
her first, though, if I am going to go camping. Just how low-tech are they =

Hontr=C3=BA: We should probably go pack a bag, Sir.

It was rare such events were scheduled for groups like this. The ensigns wo=
uld get a chance few Starfleet officers would, to enjoy the company of thei=
r shipmates before they had to walk through fire with them.

Eiris: Transporter Pad, 15 minutes?

Indobri: That might be pushing it a bit, sir, but I will do my best to be t=

Nicholotti: I will come to see you off.

And with that, the Fleet Captain stood and prepared to leave the bridge for=
the first time since the ship had entered warp. Tugging at the bottom of h=
er jacket to smooth out any wrinkles that had appeared. She would stop and =
get a strong coffee before seeing them off to their trip and returning to o=
versee the preparations for the new crew.

((Transporter Room, USS Juneau))

Hot coffee in hand, Kali had already made it halfway through before steppin=
g up to the doors of the transporter room. Even these looked newer, shinier=
, and somehow better than others she had seen.

Wyss: First Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Shayne, USS Eagle. ::to herself:: I can=
't be in trouble already. Haven't even met the guy=E2=80=

An amused smile played on her features as she overheard the words having st=
epped into the room.

Nicholotti: Perhaps you should keep it that way and meet up with him.

More people joined the two in the transporter room.

Indobri/Hontru/Any: ?

Wyss: Well, looks like I'll be seeing you at the camp grounds. ::w=
aggling the padd:: I need to check in with the XO. Save me a tent=E2=80=A6=
or cabin=E2=80=A6 ::making a face:: rock?

Indobri/Hontru/Any: ?

Nicholotti: Be safe, all.

The group faded from view in a sea of blue shimmers, leaving behind silent =

((Bridge, USS Juneau))

The trip back to the bridge hadn't taken long, but it had drained t=
he last of her coffee from the cup. Arriving, she was thankful to find a ye=
oman not far from the turbolift doors as they parted. Handing the empty tal=
l mug over, she asked for a refill before moving towards the center chair o=
nce more. She wasn't exactly sure when Captain Oddas would be aboar=
d, but she wanted to be ready and available to hand over operational comman=
d to the rightful commanding officer.

Shimmering lights and the telltale sound of the transporter made her wonder=
if it was time, but when a male materialized, she realized this was not th=
e officer she was looking for.

On the contrary, she appeared to be exactly the officer he was looking for.

Serinus: Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus, reporting as ordered, Fle=
et Captain.

Kali nodded. She hadn't expected the new officers to be making thei=
r way aboard yet, but if they did, the least she could do was greet them.

Nicholotti: Ah, we weren't expecting anyone quite yet. Welcome to t=
he Juneau. If I may ask=E2=80=A6

She gestured towards his collar and got the very answer she was looking for=

Serinus: Co-Acting Chief of Security for the Eagle, Captain.

Nicholotti: Indeed. And you aren't interested in leave with the res=
t of your crewmates?

Serinus: I promised Lieutenant Junior Grade Kano that I would oversee the m=
aterial transfer of our department's issued items.

Work. It was something she was well acquainted with. There was no time for =
play when there was work to be done =E2=80=93 was that it? Or was the allur=
e of the new ship too strong for some of the officers?

Nicholotti: I see. Well, don't keep all the fun to yourself. Make s=
ure to share.

Any by fun, she meant work, which of course was fun for some.

Serinus: Yes ma'am. Second Squad is ready to begin, with your permission?

Kali raised an eyebrow. What were we beginning? To transfer material items?

Nicholotti: So you didn't save all the =E2=80=98fun' for yo=
urself. Very well.

She smiled and then gestured for him to carry on.

Serinus: Response?

Waiting for him to finish what he needed to, she spoke back up.

Nicholotti: Make sure you get the chance to visit and relax, eh? There=E2=
=80=99s no telling what troubles we'll all get into on this new bea=
uty and who knows when we will slow down again.

She was one to talk, but as a leader, it was her job to make sure those aro=
und her were taken care of. Making sure they didn't overwork themse=
lves was just another way to do that.

Serinus: Response?


Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
Federation Ambassador at Large

As simmed by:

Commander Ash MacKenna
Intelligence Officer
USS Eagle

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