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Lieutenant Junior Grade Chloe Waters: Foody Talk

2020-04-26 20:54:59


((Room 319, Deck 3 -- U.S.S Eagle))

Chloe's plans for the evening had been revealed. The chicken, soup and=20
potatoes seemed to be well received well by the science officer, judging=20
by his dropped jaw. As he scritched under Mandy's chin the dog let out a=20
few growls, playful in nature, rising up on her hind legs and playfully=20
pawed at the man's hand as Chloe watched.

Collins: This looks...wonderful, Chloe. Thank you so much.

Waters: ::beat:: You are welcome.

It was the only thing Chloe could give as a response. The old her=20
would've stayed quiet. Then again... the old Chloe would've not done=20
anything like this in the first place. But as she watched Quentin's face=20
the helm officer came to one, inescapable conclusion.

Waters: oO It was worth it. Oo

Collins: Though correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't I SUPPOSE to cook YOU=20

Waters gave Quentin a funny look, Her expression was perfectly neutral=20
save for the slight twitch of her lips as she responded in a more=20
friendly, quippy tone.

Waters: You still can. To do so would be wasteful at this moment, though.

Collins: Hey, I am NOT complaining.

Quentin seemed to be looking for something, and Chloe didn't immediately=20
register what. But she eventually realized that what was on the table=20
before her... it was a bottle of wine. She knew what he was asking as he=20
hooked a finger in the direction of her replicator. Could he replicate a=20
few glasses?

Chloe didn't respond for a long moment. Her eyes closed. Alcohol... the=20
loss of control. She wasn't too fond of either of those things. She had=20
lost control before. The officer's mental barriers had fallen from time=20
to time...

And then she had been knocked out.

But now... in a strange way, Chloe was still in control. She reached out=20
a hand to pet Mandy who, sensing her owner's changing emotions, moved=20
closer to comfort her. After another moment, the helmswoman finally replied=

Waters: Okay.

Chloe could stop if she started to feel her barriers weaken, she=20
figured. Quentin knew her... or at least knew enough about her, and=20
seemed to be the kind of person who, when told, would respect her=20
wishes. Waters hoped she could hold her own, though.

He crossed quickly over to the replicator and spoke "Wine glasses, two".=20
In a moment they stood in the box, slightly warm to the touch as Quentin=20
scooped them and crossed back to the table. He sat them down next to the=20
water glasses and started to take his seat.

Collins: This really does look wonderful. I'm glad we are doing this.=20
Most people don't get the appeal of 12th Century Terran cuisine. I don't=20
get it.

Waters: According to my research, it does provide for the majority of=20
the body's needs.

Collins: Response

Waters: As a runner since five, I am keenly aware of the necessity of=20
remaining in top form. A large aspect of such revolves around food choices.

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Lieutenant JG Chloe Waters


USS Juneau, NX-99801

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