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Lieutenant JG Melody Delri\'ise - Ditzy Delri\'ise

2020-04-26 22:09:24


(( USS Eagle - Holodeck 2 - Risa, Blue Crystal Bay Simulation. ))

Once again, Melody had her head in the clouds. Seemingly out of nowhere she=
'd been flooded with reports and being the only sole tactical offic=
er onboard =E2=80=94 there was no possible way she could share the load. Bu=
t Melody had a trick up her sleeve, she was off duty, of course, yet she wa=
s on her way to find someone that could help her. Or someone she could pote=
ntially pawn the PADD-work off to. There were quite literally two other can=
didates, a small minority even for a crew of less than two hundred people.

While fully knowing their locations thanks to the computer, but, Melody=E2=
=80=99s mind seemed to be elsewhere. With an eye on her PADD and another on=
the walkway in front, there was no telling just where she was going or was=
about to end up. Walking into what she thought was the Eagle's gym=
=E2=80=94 which apparently seemed to be Lieutenant Serinus' natura=
l habitat, Melody felt the brimming feeling of victory upon her. Or so she =

A wave of heat washed over her, she could almost feel herself melt like a c=
hunk of ice in the sun. An archaic, flowing red and white, gingham shirt dr=
ess, a pair of flat loafers and some gloves, she should've picked b=
etter clothing. Nobody wanted to see a glorified picnic blanket drenched in=

Delri'ise: Lieutenant Seri- ::pausing::

Looking up from her PADD, Melody took in the view of a Risian beach with he=
r mouth practically slamming against the floor.

oO Shoot! I knew I shouldn't have gone left after that turbolift trip. Oo

Harris: Response?

Delri'ise: Oh! Nothing, I think I took a wrong turn. ::awkwardly ch=

Harris: Response?


Lieutenant JG Melody Delri'ise


Tactical Officer + Graphics Coordinator


USS Eagle/USS Juneau




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