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LtCmdr. Shayne: Parrying

2020-04-26 21:47:17


((Deck 2, XO's Office, USS Eagle))

Wyss: Will that be a problem, Sir?

Shayne was not used to getting a question as a response to a question, but =
even in this case, he couldn't deny the strangeness- or rudeness- o=
f his behavior. Without that social context, Shayne couldn't blame =
the ensign.=20

Shayne: ...oh, and good to meet you.

Another fact of his existence was his need to know everything he could. Ste=
llar phenomena didn't interest him nearly as much as his fellow off=
icers. Nothing was ever just a conversation; there was always an exchange o=
f information occuring, and he catalogued these instances with voracious ef=
ficiency. Indeed, he thought the whole exploration part of his mission was =
asking for trouble, but it was a sentiment that would no doubt raise eyebro=
ws and cause problems for himself and others. Wyss, for her part, responded=
pleasantly. No mirrored irascibility here.=20

Wyss: Thank you, Commander. You too, Sir. And yes, Sir, I would prefer t=
o remain in deck 15 quarters. It's close to Main Engineering for e=
mergencies. ::a small smile crept in:: Unless you can arrange for a bunk =
directly in Main Engineering?

Shayne looked up at her, and his mastery over his facial features made cert=
ain that absolutely no trace of humor was visible. His eyes locked onto her=
s with a steely, absolutely deathly expression.

Shayne: On my first tour aboard the Gemini, my bunk was a gurney duct-taped=
vertically to the lateral sensor array on Deck 17.

He paused, searching for a reaction, before allowing his frown to return.

Shayne: That's your one joke. I'm afraid a bunk in Main Eng=
ineering would be problematic. Most engineers- myself included- trip where =
there's nothing to trip on. To have them stumble over your unconsci=
ous carcass would be poor form indeed. That said, Deck 15 seems uncomfortab=
le enough.=20

Wyss: If it's an issue I can move, Sir. None of my belongings hav=
e arrived yet anyway, and I'd rather not add more stress to your jo=

He appraised her again, this time being more honest with his feelings.=20

Shayne: I appreciate the sentiment, Ensign, but you'll soon be busy=
enough with your own matters, my job notwithstanding. Be sure you attend t=
o those first. And=E2=80=A6 as for what you said earlier, I rather respect =
that. I was much the same way. I admire an officer with a dedication for du=
ty. If you're ever looking for a way to get on my good side, that=
's it right there.

He then took note of her distinct lack of uniform, and was about to ask why=
she was out of uniform, before remembering they were technically on shore =
leave. It then occurred to the scatterbrained lieutenant commander precisel=
y what sort of gear the ensign was attired in, and his face fell.=20

Shayne: Oh, don't tell me they're already beaming down for =
the camping trip!

Wyss: Response

Shayne uttered a few well-considered and creative curse words under his bre=
ath. Not only was he delayed, he was holding up one of the officers interes=
ted in attending. Another curse word was emitted before he leaned forward, =
and spoke quickly.

Shayne: I apologize for distracting you from your shore leave activities. T=
his shouldn't take long. If you would, tell me about yourself.

He watched her with rapt attention, making it clear that he had both a prof=
essional and a personal interest. If Wyss felt uncomfortable at that moment=
, she was not alone- a number of officers had been intimidated by Shayne=E2=
=80=99s forward, direct, quietly forceful manner. There really was no wrong=
answer here, though. He wanted to understand the variables that each crew =
member was dealing with.

Wyss: Response


Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne
First Officer
USS Juneau
NCC 99801

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