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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus: The fine line between work and play.

2020-04-26 22:25:22


((Timeskip 10 minutes))

((Bridge, USS Juneau))

Golden lights sparkled as Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus
rematerialized, scanning the bridge, he found the Captain's Chair and took
relaxed, but long strides, stopping six feet away. By the book, disciplined=

The tall, leanly muscled, meticulously groomed, Magna Roman stood rigidly
at attention.

Serinus: Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus, reporting as ordered,
Fleet Captain.

The woman nodded to him.

Nicholotti: Ah, we weren't expecting anyone quite yet. Welcome to t=
Juneau. If I may ask=E2=80=A6

She motioned to his collar.

Serinus: Co-Acting Chief of Security for the Eagle, Captain.

Nicholotti: Indeed. And you aren't interested in leave with the res=
t of
your crewmates?

He was, though most all of his hobbies were closely aligned to his duties,
he knew that he was fortunate in that manner, though Starfleet had a way of
matching up it's officers and enlisted alike with jobs that matched them

With all of the excitement around the camping trip, he wanted to leave
everyone with that much less work in the future. Especially his co-acting

Serinus: I promised Lieutenant Junior Grade Kano that I would oversee the
material transfer of our department's issued items.

Nicholotti: I see. Well, don't keep all the fun to yourself. Make s=
ure to

Any by fun, she meant work, which of course was fun for some.

Serinus: Yes ma'am. Second Squad is ready to begin, with your permission?

Kali raised an eyebrow. What were we beginning? To transfer material items?

Nicholotti: So you didn't save all the =E2=80=98fun' for yo=
urself. Very well.

She smiled and then gestured for him to carry on.

Serinus: =3D/\=3D Serinus to Fim'r =3D/\=3D

Petty Officer Fim'r: =3D/\=3D Yes, sir. =3D/\=3D

Serinus: =3D/\=3D Are the shuttles loaded? =3D/\=3D

Petty Officer Fim'r =3D/\=3D Yes sir. =3D/\=3D

Serinus: =3D/\=3D Fly them in, I'll meet you in the shuttle bay on deck 7 =

Petty Officer Fim'r =3D/\=3D Aye, Lieutenant. We're on it. =3D/\=3D

That out of the way, he heard her speak up once more.

Nicholotti: Make sure you get the chance to visit and relax, eh? There=E2=
=80=99s no
telling what troubles we'll all get into on this new beauty and who=
when we will slow down again.

He offered her a smile, the polite, but not too personable smile of one who
fancied themselves a professional.

Serinus: Yes Captain. :break: I find that getting things done ahead of time
often makes leisure time even more rewarding.

It was true, less time stressing about the future. For one in a position
that alternated between stressing about the future, calculating the
present, and constantly playing through what ifs, it was a welcome relief.

Nicholotti: response?

He smiled again, just a little less stiffly.

Serinus: Yes ma'am, I'm actually the one who organized that.

Nicholotti: response ?

Serinus: I imagine it will be. But I hope everyone understands the more
serious aspects of it as well.

Nicholotti: response?

Serinus: We're going to be doing a lot of physical activities, and teaching
each other practical skills.

Nicholetti: response?


- Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus
Security Officer/Acting Co-Chief of Security

USS Eagle,



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