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Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus: Rocky Biome High

2020-04-26 23:56:26


((Shuttle bay 1, Deck 10, USS Eagle))

((Timestamp Day 4 of shore leave, 0840))

Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus strolled in with his personal gear,
and a lot of extra things he had replicated the night before, including six
days worth of food for close to ten people, in six oversized, and stuffed
full navy blue canvas shopping bags. He was not wearing either of his usual
outfits, a gold collared uniform, or the traditional Toga, instead having
opted for a khaki get up that screamed nineteenth century British explorer,
minus the hat.

The Magna Roman placed his canvas bags on the floor right outside of the
shuttle, then took a few steps back. He removed his ruck sack, with a
sleeping bag tied to the top, and placed it in front of the groceries,
centered on them.

He was twenty minutes early, but he had meant to be. Hopefully, many of his
colleagues would start arriving soon. While he was alone, he quickly loaded
all of his bags into the shuttle.

Last bag firmly in place, he heard the bay doors swoosh open. Stepping out
of the shuttle, he turned toward the door, spying the first arrival.

Camp Crew: response

Artinus smiled, a genuine, more off duty smile.

Serinus: Congratulations, you're the first one here.

Camp Crew: response

((OOC: Feel free to continue the initial muster))

((Timeskip 1048 hours))

((Ringworld, Biome 1119E06A "Rockies", Forest clearing))

The shuttle touched gently to the ground, and the engine slowly died.

They were here. A quarter mile diameter forest clearing in a small valley.
On the furthest edge of the clearing was a twenty foot high rock formation
of mossed over gray granite. Twenty feet away from their landing spot was a
clear freshwater brook, no deeper than 3 feet. It was bubbling and flowing
over quartz rocks of various colors. Occasionally, the light caught one
just right, and a beam of sun refracted from it.

As the cockpit, and passenger doors opened, the fresh mountain breeze
filled the cramped space with a pleasant odor, and regulated the
temperature nicely.

Artinus stepped out of the pilot's chair, onto the green grass.

Serinus: Let's get our bags out.

Camp Crew: response?

Artinus nodded past the front of the cockpit, to a spot another 10 feet
from the brook.

Serinus: We're setting up that way.

Camp Crew: response?


- Lieutenant Junior Grade Artinus Serinus
Security Officer/Acting Co-Chief of Security

USS Eagle,



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