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Ensign Ridian Harris - Old Flame and New Friend (Introducing Ensign Devin Ponns)

2020-04-27 00:44:48


(( USS Eagle - Holodeck 2 - Risa, Blue Crystal Bay Simulation. ))

Rid's mind was brought back to reality as he heard the holo-deck doors open
and close again. He looked up and surprise fell across his face as he saw
one of the two who had entered the simulation. One was Devin Ponns himself
and the other a female officer he'd not met yet.

Devin: ::Grin on his face:: Hello, lover boy. The computer said I find you
in here.

Delri'ise: Lieutenant Seri- ::pausing::

Harris: ::To Devin:: Not that I'm not thrilled to see you, because I
absolutely am. But how are you I thought you were being posted somewhere

Devin: Well, They asked tactical officers to volunteer to transfer to the
Juneau, and I knew you posted on it, so I gladly volunteered.

Devin grabbed Rid's face and brought his lips to Rid's. It took Rid a
moment to remember they weren't alone in the holo-deck. He glanced over to
see a blonde woman stand behind Devin's left shoulder.

Rid: Dev, we have company, babe.

As both Devin and Rid turned to face the newest person in the room, Rid
thought she looked a little lost and out of place, but she seems to be
enjoying the scenic view of the beach.

Devin: Is something wrong lass?

Delri'ise: Oh! Nothing, I think I took a wrong turn. ::awkwardly

Harris: Well, welcome to Risa's blue crystal beach my home away from home.
I know think we had the chance to meet. I'm Ensign Ridian Harris. My friend
called Rid. I'm an engineering office.

Devin: ::Friendly Smile;; And I'm Ensign Devin Ponns, Tactical Officer. And
you are, lass?

Ensign Ridian Harris
Engineering Officer
USS Juneau
Ensign Devin Ponns
Tactical Officer
USS Juneau

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