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Lieutenant Maddi Hyden: Patience Your Job Will Wait

2020-05-11 02:17:15


((Cargo Bay 2-Deck 7-USS Atlantis))

After the heartfelt thanks from Serala and the happiness of knowing the
little one was safe. Maddi's attention snapped back to the fact tha=
t a
simulation had just occurred. She was upset in one way at Esa for hiding
it, but in another she had to respect her because she was doing it for the
betterment of the crew.

Maddi had even realized there was some issues in Security and after she
would read the reports she knew there would be more than she would want to
admit, but it came with the job. She had to better the security so this
wouldn't happen again at least not as it had here.

She had been scanning the room for anyone on her team. Instead of finding
them an Ensign she had not seen yet approached her. It had to be the new
Security Officer, but Maddi wouldn't jump to any conclusions.

Ganarvuss: Lieutenant Hyden? I'm Ensign Ganarvuss, your new securit=

Maddi took the hand of the officer and smiled.

Hyden: A pleasure to finally meet you Ensign, I am Lieutenant Maddi Hyden,
chief of Security, as I am sure you've guessed, though the circumst=
make it less than ideal. If I rev all you were the one who couldn't=
into the Security Complex right?

Ganarvuss: Yes, that was me.

Hyden: Ahh well that's something that we didn't expect to o=
ccur. I
apologize for not introducing myself earlier. It was a bit hectic.

Ganarvuss: I'd like to get myself cleared for duty as soon as possi=
ble. I
felt like I was in limbo, not even being able to get into the security

Hyden: Well how about we let this day pass us and you report to the Complex
tomorrow at 08:00. We will get you sorted then. Understood?

Ganarvuss: Yes, ma'am. Will do.

Maddi could tell the Ensign was wanting to get to work as soon as possible,
but after what had occurred a break was in order for everyone.

Hyden: Just try to enjoy yourself for the rest of the evening. I will
introduce you to everyone in the coming days. If you need anything I=E2=80=
=99m not
far away.

Ganarvuss: Response

Lieutenant Maddi Hyden

Chief of Security, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Atlantis Staff Member

Calendar Team Facilitator

Publicity Team Member

Podcast Team Member

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