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Lieutenant Maddi Hyden: A Grateful Momma

2020-05-11 02:16:27


(( Cargo Bay 1, Deck 7, USS Atlantis ))

The confusion that hit Maddi was more then she could admit. She was in a
pod flying away from the destruction of the Atlantis to being transported
by the blue shimmering light of the transporter beam to the Cargo Bay of
the Atlantis. Something didn't add up and Maddi was not too pleased=
she heard the Captains words.

Thoran: That concludes the drill. Thank you very much for your
participation. I am looking forward to reading the after actions reports. I
understand that aspects of the drill were rather stressful. To aid in your
relaxation, a series of snacks refreshments have been provided.

The confusion turned to slight annoyance. The Captain couldn't have=
this off without Esa. Maddi might have to have a chat with her later or not
either way it was over now. The drill was a test and in one way it could
look like failure, but in so many others it could be a success.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sudden view of Serala heading her way
quickly. Maddi smiled as the Commander neared her.

Hyden: Serala I thought you might want T'Saara so I rushed to your =
and grabbed her.

The look expressed by Serala was truly all the thanks Maddi needed. She
handed T'Saara to her.

Serala: Oh my Little Bean. Come to mommy. Are you okay, little one?

T'Saara: nnaabbee amaoowmm gaa

Hyden: She's adorable.

Serala: Maddi, I can't tell you enough how grateful I am to you for=
this. I
am sure she would have been fine, but you risked yourself anyway. Thank you=

Hyden: Your welcome! We couldn't lose anyone in the family, especia=
lly this
little one. I didn't know this was a drill so I'd rather do=
my job and save
the crew at the risk of my life then lose anyone.

Serala: Response

Maddi smiled wide and nodded.

Hyden: I'm sure Esa would be delighted for an invitation as would I=

Serala: Response


Lieutenant Maddi Hyden

Chief of Security, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Atlantis Staff Member

Calendar Team Facilitator

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