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Lt Commander Serala: From one Security Officer to another

2020-05-12 01:02:20


(( First Officer's Office, Deck 2, USS Atlantis ))

Her interview concluded with Ensign Matthieu, Serala had summoned the other
new arrival. One who worked in her own area of expertise. It would be
tempting to put the woman through her paces, to test her knowledge, but
Serala had decided that would be decidedly unfair. She would have to
conduct this interview in the same impartiality she had just done with
Matthieu. The door chime sounded once more.

Serala: Come.

A woman entered wearing the gold uniform that Serala herself was so
familiar with.

Ganarvuss: Response

Serala: At ease, Ensign. As I am sure you are aware, my name is Lieutenant
Commander Serala and I am your First Officer. I thought it would be a good
idea for me to start meeting the new officers as they come aboard.

Ganarvuss: Response

Serala: Have a seat, Ensign. I understand you were onboard during the
drill. What did you think? And be honest. Feel free to speak your mind.

Ganarvuss: Response

Serala listened as the woman gave her reply, trying to glean more about
this woman from her actions and responses. How a Security Officer conducted
themselves in those kinds of situations was vital information to note. It
spoke of the kind of person they were, and the kind of officer they would

Serala: Thank you, Ensign. I appreciate your honesty. And if you could make
any changes, what would they be?

Ganarvuss: Response

Lt. Commander Serala

First Officer

Training Team Member

Image Collective Member

Community History Team Member

USS Atlantis NCC-74682



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