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Lt. Commander Serala: Meeting the Science Officer

2020-05-12 00:50:48


(( First Officer's Office, Deck 2, USS Atlantis ))

Serala sat at her desk. Well, at least she had a desk this time. She was
trying to work through what was beginning to seem like an unending pile of
reports. She had thought there was a lot of paperwork to do when she had
been head of Security or Tactical or StratOps. However, compared to this,
those were like doing essays for secondary school. She had submitted her
AAR yesterday and was now going through the service records of the newest

Captain Thoran hadn't actually told her it was her job to meet the =
officers, but she knew he was very busy with other things and if she could
take this one job off his plate, she would. Of course, he might still meet
with them. Captain's prerogative.

The door chime sounded and she looked up.

Serala: Come.

A young Ensign dressed in Science blue entered. Stefan Matthieu from
Science. And punctual.

Matthieu: Response

Serala: At ease, Ensign. Have a seat.

Matthieu: Response

Serala: First, let me welcome you aboard Atlantis. I hope you enjoy your
time here with us. I am Lieutenant Commander Serala, First Officer.

Matthieu: Response

She smiled at his response. She could remember when she had been just as

Serala: Well, I am glad. Now, let me upfront. I am not very strong in the
sciences. I was trained in Security and Tactical. So, I am going to have to
rely on your expertise in that department. Would you mind telling me if you
have an area of specialty, or are you just a general science officer?

Matthieu: Response

Lt. Commander Serala

First Officer

Training Team Member

Image Collective Member

Community History Team Member

USS Atlantis NCC-74682



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