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Lieutenant Esa Kiax - I hate Mondays... or was it Thursdays?

2020-05-12 00:20:47


((Chief of Operations Office, Deck 6, USS Atlantis))

Dorrok: No, Lieutenant, I don't think you do understand.

It was at this time that Esa regretted letting the Saurian Petty Officer
speak freely.

oO It must be a Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays. Oo

Dorrok: I watched my best friend DIE in your god forsaken "simulation". ::He
punctuated by making air quotes with his fingers.:: You can't honestly
believe what you did was ethical can you?

oO Though this definitely feels like a Monday. Oo

Kiax: ::Monotonically, with a deadpan expression:: Would ethics have applied
if the events we simulated had been real?

Dorrok: No, but experimenting on sentient beings using hypothetical
situations is disgraceful, bordering on barbaric. I can assure you I will be
lodging a formal complaint with Chief Sahal about you.

Esa was unamused at the thinly veiled threat that the officer had just
levelled against her. She pursed her lips slightly and leant forward across
her desk, clasping her hands together and fixing him with a cold stare.

Kiax: ::Severely:: Are you threatening me, Petty Officer?

Dorrok suddenly turned somewhat pale, realising the implications of his
earlier statement. If Esa did accuse him of threatening a superior officer,
then his complaint would likely be dismissed quicker than he could say

Dorrok: ::Stammering:: Uh. N...No Sir. I.I'd never do that.

Kiax: ::Resting back in her chair:: I didn't think so.

The number of complaints she had dealt with for masterminding the simulation
earlier in the week had been. High. Enough for her to be concerned that the
Captain, though initially an advocate of the simulation, might have to
reciprocate on his support if enough of the crew complained, and that could
lead to some rather unthinkable consequences. Esa had only just made
Assistant Chief. Loosing it would be a serious blow to her self-confidence.
Enough to potentially make her think about resigning her commission. But,
for now at least, the Captain seemed to remain on side.

Dorrok: I'm still a firm believer that the test was unfair, and that you
should be held accountable for it. I know a number of the rest of the crew

oO Looks like someone found their bottle again quite quickly. Oo

Esa opened her mouth, and was about to respond when she was interrupted by
the comm.

Thoran: =/\= Thoran to all senior staff. Briefing in ten minutes. =/\=

She sniffed out a laugh at the Captain's timing.

Kiax: I think we need to table this discussion until a later date. I have a
meeting to go to. You're dismissed, Petty Officer.

Dorrok turned around and huffed in anger.

Dorrok: ::Grumbling:: Chief Sahal will definitely be hearing about this.

Kiax: ::Speaking as he leaves the room:: Goodbye, Mister Dorrok.

Once the door had closed, Esa slumped back in her chair, hanging her head
backwards over the headrest and pulling out the hairband fixing her hair
into its trademark ponytail.

Kiax: ::Shaking her head as she screams:: ARRRRGHHHHHHHH!

The reaction was probably loud enough for people outside to hear, but these
complaints were stressing her out to no end, and on top of it she now had a
briefing to go to.

Kiax: ::To herself:: When it rain, it pours, eh?

With that, she stood up and re-tied her hair back into its ponytail and
flicked it over her shoulder, before heading out to the bridge.

((Briefing Room, Deck 1))

The air on the bridge was noticeably cooler than it was elsewhere. Obviously
the current duty crew liked the environmental systems putting out a cool
breeze as opposed to the usual 21 degrees that occupied her shifts there. It
was a welcome change though, as the change in temperature sharpened her mind
and helped her to focus. Being warm made most mammals lethargic and sleepy,
though that wasn't always the case. When she stepped through the door into
the briefing room, it felt just as fresh, though there was the distinct
smell of pastries and coffee.

oO I didn't know Captain Brell was back on board. Oo

Obviously amused with her joke, she chuckled slightly to herself and smiled
at Captain Thoran, who was sitting at the head of the table.

Thoran: Please, take a seat and help yourself to the refreshments. The
others should be along shortly.

Kiax: After the morning I've had, I'm surprised I'm the first to arrive.

Esa poured herself a mug of the coffee and grabbed herself a couple of the
Pain au chocolat's that were sitting on one of the plates opposite the
Captain. She sat down in the second seat down from the Captain, on his
right, guessing that the seat immediately to his right would naturally be
where Serala, his new right hand woman, would want to situate herself. Once
she was settled, she folded herself over until her head was resting on the
table and groaned slightly.

Thoran: Response ((OOC: Only if you want to reply, of course. Just wanted to
expand the scene a little. ^_^))

Esa snapped her head up, remembering that she was sat in a room with her
Commanding Officer, and she wasn't a teenager anymore. Her face turned a
slight shade of red, a little embarrassed by the question.

Kiax: ::Honestly:: Oh, it's nothing. Monthly womanhood. You know. That, and
I've had a bit of a stressful morning.

Thoran: Response

Kiax: ::Waving her hand dismissively:: I've taken some painkillers. I'll be
fine in a bit, no need to worry about me.

Esa took a sip of her coffee as the other senior staff slowly filled the
empty seats. By the time they were all there, there had to have been about
thirteen of them in the room. It was certainly more crowded in here than it
used to be, but then, that definitely wasn't a bad thing. Their little
family was growing quite rapidly, which was nice. More people to make
friends with, Esa reckoned.

Once everybody was present, Jarred cleared his throat, drawing their

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself to the
refreshments. Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called you
here. The Freeworlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime
and have invited us to attend.

Esa was - surprised probably wasn't the right word, but it worked for now -
by the news. Usually the Federation would send an Trade Delegation, headed
by some bigwig ambassador on such an important task. Why were they sending
Atlantis? The last time they had visited Ilara Prime, Maddi had almost been
murdered and they'd ended up putting out one of the Expanse's heaviest
corporate hitters, The Consortium. Surely there were people unimpressed by
that action still lurking around The Freeworlds?

Thoran: The purpose of this conference from what I understand is to bring
together several different factions and establish new trade relations with
the Freeworlds.

oO So. They want to expand their operations? Solidify their foothold as a
major player in the region? Oo

Any: Responses?

Kiax: Do we know who else they've invited, besides ourselves?

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able to ascertain the
Freeworlds Council have invited representatives from the Caraadian Noble
Houses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and even the Valcarian
Imperial Republic.

Kiax: Sounds like we're up against some fairly aggressive competition. What
have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

Any: Responses?

Esa took a few notes down on the PADD in front of her. She'd probably need
to ask Phillipa to requisition some more supplies from Deep Space 26 before
they left.

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods for us to use as
trade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspect what we
have before initiating trade. Currency might be a bit of an issue though.

Any: Responses?


Lieutenant Esa Kiax

Assistant Chief Operations Officer

USS Atlantis - NCC 74682

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12/05/2020 01:20 BST

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