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Lieutenant Maddi Hyden: Today Brings Back The Highlands

2020-05-12 02:35:16


((Security Chiefs Office, Security Complex, Deck 4, USS Atlantis))

The simulation had proven some flaws in Maddi's department. It wasn=
something she wanted, but it was what made her human. She wasn't pe=
and she could always improve upon Security. She was finishing up her report
when a chime startled her. She wasn't sure who it was, as no meetin=
gs had
been scheduled. The new Ensign was to join her later today, but who could
it be now.

She opened the door to see a box in front of her with no one around it. She
was puzzled, but then she remembered what was in the box. She smiled and
tucked it away in her desk. That would be for later.

After his exceptional skill in the simulation and always putting forth the
best effort she had seen. She had decided to recommend Davis for a
promotion to Chief Petty Officer. He had proven his skill time and time
again and he deserved the promotion. She couldn't make the promotio=
happen, but she could make a convincing case as to why he deserved it. She
finished up the recommendation and sent it to the Captain for review.

She smiled and was about to go back to the box that had arrived earlier
when a comm chirp stopped her.

Thoran: =3D/\=3D Thoran to all senior staff. Briefing in ten minutes. =3D/\=

Maddi stopped and sighed she would eventually get her surprise to Esa
ready. No matter she quickly made her way to the turbolift and in no time
was on the bridge.

((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Atlantis))

As she walked into the bridge she was greeted with what felt like an arctic
blast. The temperature was cold and she wasn't expecting it. She wa=
s used
to a different temperature on the bridge though it felt just like Scotland
in the highlands. She smiled as she remembered running up the mountains and
the cool breeze hitting her. She snapped back to reality and headed for the
briefing room.

Upon arrival she saw Esa there and Serala trying to wrangle the little one
while apologizing to the Captain. She silently slid in the spot by Esa and
took a seat. She smiled at her and remembered the box yet again. Esa
deserved something after all she had been through and Maddi was nervous to
try and buy her something. She just hoped she liked it.

Maddi settled in giving a quick nod to Serala and a smile to go with it.

Thoran: Response

Hyden: Oh yes, Sir I am currently redrawing the security plans highlighted
in my report.


Hyden: Yes, Sir I will take care of it.

Maddi sat back down and settled in for the briefing.

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself to the
refreshments. Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called you
here. The Freeworlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime
and have invited us to attend.

oO I sure hope Walker doesn't show up again. That would add insult =
to the
past. This place isn't my favorite, but maybe it'll be diff=
erent this time.

Thoran: The purpose of this conference from what I understand is to bring
together several different factions and establish new trade relations with
the Freeworlds.

*Any:* Responses

Hyden: Well you say several factions so I am supposing our enemies may be

Kiax: Do we know who else they've invited, besides ourselves?

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able to ascertain the
Freeworlds Council have invited representatives from the Caraadian Noble
Houses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and even the Valcarian
Imperial Republic.

Kiax: Sounds like we're up against some fairly aggressive competiti=
on. What
have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

T'Saara: :: happily :: ggwwabble maaa fu

Serala: I don't think she was asking you, Little Bean. But thanks f=
or the

Maddi smirked it was nice to have something to break up the seriousness of
this briefing and what better way then an innocent baby.

Hyden: From what you're saying it looks like we will need to keep a=
eye out. We have vipers mixed with more vipers in a pit that we have to
step into.

Any: Responses

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods for us to use as
trade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspect what we
have before initiating trade=E2=80=A6 Currency might be a bit of an issue t=

Any: Responses

Serala: Since the Valcarians have been invited, sir, am I to understand
that means Ambassador Dels'an? And if so, will she be travelling wi=
th us
again, or does she have her own transport?

Thoran: Response

Hyden: With all the factions you named I saw a possible power struggle with
us in the middle. Negotiations only last as long as the status quo stays in
each faction's favor. If that changes this situation could turn ugly and
faster than we would want it too. Who do we have in the terms of allies?

Thoran: Response

Any: Responses

Lieutenant Maddi Hyden

Chief of Security, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

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