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JP PNPC Ensign Torrel & PNPC Dr. Sanera Tam - New Shipmates, New Friends

2020-05-12 11:00:30


((OOC: For the sake of continuity and not having to rewrite next shore
leave this is being posted. I didn't think it would be considered a=

((Corridor - Deck 6, USS Atlantis))

((Time Index: Day five of shore leave, morning.))

Torrel was on her way to the holodeck, dressed for a morning of relaxation
at Lake Cataria. Over her swimwear she wore a long navy cover up, sandals,
and a large sun hat. She had booked some time on the holodeck in the early
morning after a long duty shift supervising an inventory of all of Atlantis=
cargo bays. Rather than simply swim laps in a normal pool, Torrel had opted
to try a new holodeck program. As she rounded the corner, she saw an
unfamiliar face, also out of uniform. Torrel managed to avoid walking right
into her, a genuine feat given her run of bad luck, and waved to the woman.

The short time on the Atlantis had proven different for Sanera. Most of the
crew hadn't even acknowledged her let alone talked to her. She felt=
the odd one out. She had stayed cooped up in her lab for a few, but decided
she needed to get out. She had decided to go in a lower floor and just
walk. She had been at it for a few

Minutes and her mind had wondered, as to if things would change. When she
almost crashed into someone in a Starfleet uniform.

Torrel: Hello! Are you new to the crew?

Torrel didn't recognize the blonde woman who wasn't in a St=
arfleet uniform.
Then again, she'd only been on the ship a few days herself. Surely =
she had
not met everyone. The Atlantis wasn't as big as a Nebula-class or t=
research and development center, but there was still 150 people on the crew=

Tam: I am. My name is Dr Sanera Tam.

Torrel: I'm Ensign Torrel. Helm, Communications, and Operations Off=
It's very nice to meet you, Doctor.

She extended her hand to the scientist with a friendly Denobulan smile.

Sanera accepted the hand and shook it.

Tam: Likewise! A pleasure to meet you. Hopefully I didn't pull you =
something important.

Torrel: Oh, I was about to go try out a holodeck recreation of Lake
Cataria. Do some swimming and sailing on the lake, maybe have a picnic by
the lakeside. ::She smiled:: You're welcome to join me, if you=E2=
=80=99d like. The
more the merrier!

Tam: I...don't know. :: She said hesitantly. ::

The doctor had the look of someone who was feeling a little lost and left
out. Torrel hoped that she could maybe help Tam feel welcome aboard the
Atlantis. Being on a new ship was always tough. Fortunately for Torrel, she
had met a lot of good friends at each of her previous assignments. Now she
hoped to be that new friend for someone else.

Torrel: You look like you could use a friend, and I would love the company!

It was true that the last few days had been rather isolated and some
company would be nice, but trusting the person was another matter entirely.
There was no indication that it would be a bad idea. Tam knew she needed to
do something. A friend could be good for her considering the circumstances,
but she still had doubts.

Tam: Ok. I'll do it, but what's do you know about this lake=
we're going too?

Torrel: I've been to the actual lake that the program is based on. =
Even if
the program is only half-accurate, it will be beautiful. The water'=
crystal clear and full of fish. No better place on Betazed to relax and
appreciate nature. What do you say, Doctor Tam? Care to go sailing?

During a diplomatic conference on Betazed that her father had to attend,
Torrel's entire family had gone along for the trip. Sailing on Lake=
had been the highlight of that trip and the lake was one of the most
beautiful places that Torrel had ever visited.

Tam: I shall try my best to not look like a complete idiot, but let=E2=80=
=99s do
it. It'll get my mind off of everything.

She was glad for the opportunity to make friends with someone new,
especially someone else who was also new to the ship. Torrel smiled and
motioned for Doctor Tam to follow her down the hall and to the holodeck. A
relaxing morning sailing on the lake was waiting.

((Timeskip: A few minutes later.))

((Holodeck One - Deck 6, USS Atlantis))

Torrel had activated the program and, after seeing how accurate it was,
made a few minor adjustments to make the environment more realistic to the
real Lake Cataria. The holodeck doors opened on to the deck of a sailboat.
Over the side of the sailboat, colorful fish darted around the boat.
Artificial sunlight and a simulated breeze added to the atmosphere. She
adjusted her sun hat and gestured out at the lake.

Sanera was impressed by how real the area seemed. The holodeck wasn=E2=80=
something she had used a lot. In fact she always preferred the solitude of
her lab and research areas. It was why she didn't have many friends=
. She
knew she would have to change that now. She wasn't against having f=
but in her past experiences they stabbed her in the back more times than
she could remember. Her mind snapped back to Torrel.

Torrel: What do you think, doctor?

Tam: I didn't know what to expect, but this is absolutely beautiful=
. It
makes me feel like I'm actually there. The serene environment is pe=

Torrel: Computer, one Denobulan Loatac cider.

The computer replicated the sweet synthehol cider that smelled faintly like
honey in a glass with a paper umbrella in it. Torrel picked up the drink
and sat down on one of the padded benches on either side of the deck and
watched as a large bird swooped down from the sky and unsuccessfully tried
to catch a fish swimming near the surface.

Torrel: I could sit here, look out over the water, and get lost in thought
for hours.

Tam: Sometimes getting lost is the best thing. We all need a space from
each other and the things that happen in life.

Sanera was content more than she had been for a long time. She wasn=E2=80=
=99t sure
if it was a different venue or if it was just the change that had brought
her some peace.

Torrel: I take it that you're a civilian researcher of some kind. W=
your field of expertise?

Tam: I guess you could say that. My expertise is in two fields.
Nanotechnology and Artificial Intelligence. I worked at Daystrom before
coming here. What exactly do you do?

What didn't she do on the ship? Operations definitely were involved=
in a
little bit of everything. Even if she hadn't gotten that many shift=
s at the
Operations console on the bridge, the average duty shift took Torrel across
the ship and would involve interacting with almost every department at some
point during her day.

Torrel: I do a little bit of everything here on the ship, but programming
and holoprogramming are where I shine.

Tam: I can tell. :: She pointed to the program. :: You have a gift that is
for sure. My gift is in different things, but if I could ever help you in
doing so I would.

Sanera smiled and layed back in the chair. She closed her eyes and felt the
simulated heat hit her. She was at peace and it was the first time she had
been in quite awhile.

Torrel: We could probably make a great holonovel if we worked together. My
environmental programming and your knowledge of artificial intelligence. It
would be incredible! ::Pause:: That wouldn't lead to some kind of r=
artificial intelligence, would it?

Tam: Well I don't usually work to have a rogue AI. I usually check
everything closely before implementing any AI like I did Aurora. She runs
my family's home.

Torrel: That's good! I think that if a holographic Toby the Targ to=
ok over
the computer core, Captain Thoran might get rather unhappy with me.

Torrel could imagine trying to explain how a holodeck program had taken
over the Atlantis. Although she had to admit that it would be interesting
to see.

Sanera was versed in Klingon species. She smirked as she imagined a targ
running amok on the Atlantis. The situation would be interesting not only
to explain but to diffuse as well.

Tam: You have to admit though it would be funny to see the reaction.

Out of the corner of her eye, Torrel noticed a red speck circle overhead
before swooping down and landing on the railing of the sailboat. A
tropical-looking bird from the nearby trees on the shore had decided to
join them on their sailing trip. The bird had a beautiful coat of feathers,
with stripes of blue, green, and gold feathers along its wings.

Torrel: Looks like we have a new friend joining us.

The bird was beautiful and it showed not only the beauty of the environment
but the skill of Torrels ability to program holodecks. Sanera held out her
arm to her surprise the bird landed on her arm and let her stroke it with
her index finger.

Tam: Think it would make a good pet for me? If it wasn't a hologram=

Torrel: I don't know=E2=80=A6 pet ownership sounds like a lot of re=

Sanera rolled her eyes.

Tam: Ghee thanks for your confidence in me. That makes me feel great.

She laughed and handed the bird to Torrel.

Torrel flinched slightly when the bird landed on her hand. For as much as
she had gotten accustomed to being around dogs like Ben, she wasn't=
used to
being so close to animals. Keeping pets and zoos were a concept that
mistified her a little. At home, she had almost always seen nature from a

Tam: You look scared. Everything ok?

Torrel: Fine. ::She flinched a little and let the bird fly back towards the
coast.:: I'm still not entirely used to being around animals. Denob=
don't often keep them as pets. Although I have eventually gotten us=
ed to
dogs and cats.

Tam: Ahh I am not super versed in some species and I apologize for that. Is
your world that different from all the others?

Torrel: Every world is different, but I've never been anywhere that=
's quite
the same as back home. I miss it an awful lot sometimes. ::Torrel sighed
and leaned against the railing, looking out at the movements of the
water.:: Especially out here on a small starship like this.

Torrel loved being in Starfleet. But she couldn't fully adjust to l=
ife off
of Denobula. And attempts to adopt a non-Denobulan sleep schedule had
caused terrible headaches and drowsiness during her classes at the Academy.

Sanera smiles and nodded making an obligation to Starfleet whether a
civilian or an Officer easy to be taken lightly. In fact sometimes it meant
giving up life as you know it. She wanted to do this, but she could see it
was hard on Torrel.

Tam: What's making it so difficult? I mean I don't know if I can he=
lp, but
I'm up to it if you want me to help.

Torrel: It can be hard to find big group activities with people either on
duty or wanting to be on their own. Then there's the fact that ever=
else needs to sleep every night. I'm at least glad people's=
schedules are
scattered because of the shift rotations. Being awake all the time would
get ever so lonely if everybody slept at the same time.

If someone checked through the subspace logs, Torrel was fairly certain she
would have utilized personal subspace communication more than anyone. She
would call her parents, her brothers and sisters, her co-parents, the other
spouses of her co-parents, and her cousins to talk whenever she could.
Especially during the night shift when a lot of the friends she had made
were asleep and she didn't have a duty shift scheduled.

Sanera couldn't relate, as she didn't really know the day t=
o days of the
ship. In fact she hadn't even talked to the CO yet. She had reporte=
d, but
she hadn't heard anything back from him.

Tam: Sleep...the bane of my existence. I barely sleep regardless I have
insomnia so sleeping has always been hard and though they have medicine. I
can never be cured so I've come to live with it. Is there no nights=
on your

Torrel: Denobula has three suns. No matter when you would call night
there'll be some daylight. Some scientists say that's why D=
enobulans only
need a few days of hibernation a year in the first place.

Three suns maybe she needed to visit there with three suns she'd ne=
ver want
to sleep. Wait, that was a total lie. She would love to sleep but can=E2=80=
=99t and
that was the worst part of it.

Tam: Well if it's any consolation you've made a new friend.=
I didn't even
know if I'd be welcomed here, but you've made me feel the m=
ost welcome
since stepping on the ship. Thank you.

Sanera wasn't an overly emotional person, but she could be known to=
get a
little emotional if the need would arise.

Torrel: Thank you!

Torrel smiled and looked back out at the water. Making friends was always
her favorite part of arriving on a new posting. Hopefully her career
on the Atlantis
would actually last and allow her to stick around for a while. But if not,
at least she had friends in the moment.

Ensign Torrel

Helm/Communications/Operations Officer

USS Atlantis

=3D=3D=3Das simmed by=3D=3D=3D

Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn

Chief Medical Officer, USS Atlantis



Dr Sanera Tam

Nanotech and Artificial Intelligence Specialist

USS Atlantis

Simmed by

Lieutenant Maddi Hyden

Chief of Security, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Atlantis Staff Member

Calendar Team Facilitator

Publicity Team Member

Podcast Team Member

Academy Training Member



Lieutenant Maddi Hyden

Chief of Security, USS Atlantis NCC-74682

Atlantis Staff Member

Calendar Team Facilitator

Publicity Team Member

Podcast Team Member

Academy Training Member


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