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Lt. Knight- Trade Conference

2020-05-12 15:15:02


(( Holo Deck 1, Deck 4, U.S.S Atlantis, House Larkon Space, Par'Tha=
Expanse ))

Wiping the sweat off my forehead while resting my other handon my longsword=
pommel the gentle winds of the orchard surrounding me were pleasant.The ho=
lo program was part of a recreational longsword program I had beenrunning f=
or the last few years. It was something I had picked from a friend atthe ac=
ademy, not the most common of hobbies mind you. But it served the purposeof=
regular exercise and indulged the growing interest in my family history.Wh=
ich was only bolstered when my grandparents presented it to me as a gift, t=
heyhad even more pride in the family's history than I did and wante=
d me to have aconstant reminder of it. To be fair they could trace their li=
neage to medievalFrench knights which was far from common among the current=
residents of France.

The orchard around me was pleasant and green with trees inrows that provide=
d shade In sections. Two men with longswords in periodclothing also cooled =
themselves in the shade of the trees while a third peeledan apple freshly p=
lucked. These were my sparring partners and instructor. Mostof the work was=
based off of the ancient book called the flower of battle, a historicalref=
erence to the fighting at the time. Nothingcompared to the modern fig=
hting styles of the Klingon or Vulcans, which reliedon a far wider variety =
of more exotic weapons. But it still held in the respectthat if push came t=
o shove it is still a respectable from of martial arts.=20

Fiore: David, you are getting better at your ripostes. But yourleft foot gi=
ves away your intentions.

David: Thank you Fiore I will try to work on that, that willhave to be next=
time however. Computer, end program!=20

Thoran: =3D/\=3D Thoran to all senior staff. Briefing in tenminutes. =3D/\=

It will be close but I can make it! Hefting my sword on myshoulder I ran fo=
r my quarters a couple decks away.=20

((Observation Lounge, Deck 1))

Almost bursting through the doors as they slide apart, I grabbedthe first o=
pen chair before any one could raise a question or comment to my imminentar=
rival. Much to my good luck however no one seemed to find it worthy ofcomme=
nt. The seat I had taken however was less than ideal, Serala had brought he=
rnewborn to the staff meeting. Which hardly seemed appropriate but we werea=
lready here so we needed to move forward. The center of the table held anas=
sortment of refreshments which looked to be at about half of original capac=
ity.The thought was reminiscent of the former captain Brell, how like his f=
ood justa bit to much.

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself tothe refreshments=
. Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called youhere. The Freewo=
rlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime andhave invited=
us to attend. :: Pausing. :: The purpose of this conference fromwhat I und=
erstand is to bring together several different factions and establishnew tr=
ade relations with the Freeworlds.

Hyden: Well you say several factions so I am supposing ourenemies may be pr=

Thoran: Response

Kiax: Do we know who else they've invited, besidesourselves?

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able toascertain the F=
reeworlds Council have invited representatives from theCaraadian Noble Hous=
es, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and eventhe Valcarian Impe=
rial Republic.

Kiax: Sounds like we're up against some fairly aggressivecompetitio=
n. What have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

T'Saara: :: happily :: ggwwabble maaa fu

Serala: I don't think she was asking you, Little Bean. Butthanks fo=
r the suggestion.

Knight: I don't think competition is the right context touse for ou=
r involvement in this. The competitionwill be between the Caraadain H=
ouses now that the war has ended, there is a goodchance a lot of old rivalr=
ies will surface.The Federation holds access to the most viable trade=
route out of the expanse,even the Ferengi have to contend with that fact.=

Hyden: From what you're saying it looks like we will need tokeep a =
sharp eye out. We have vipers mixed with more vipers in a pit that wehave t=
o step into.=20

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods forus to use as tr=
ade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspectwhat we have =
before initiating trade=E2=80=A6 Currency might be a bit of an issuethough.

Serala: Since the Valcarians have been invited, sir, am I tounderstand that=
means Ambassador Dels'an? And if so, will she be travellingwith us=
again, or does she have her own transport?

Thoran: Response

Knight: If I might add to that Sir. We need to be aware ofthe fact that if =
we transport the ambassador it could be used to imply apolitical agreement =
between us.=20

Hyden: With all the factions you named I saw a possiblepower struggle with =
us in the middle. Negotiations only last as long as thestatus quo stays in =
each faction's favor. If that changes this situation couldturn ugly and fas=
ter than we would want it too. Who do we have in the terms ofallies?

Any: Response=20

Knight: Illara Prime is known for its senate comprised of roughlya hundred =
different commercial companies, the appointed governor will likely berespon=
sible for overseeing the event. Will we be attending in any capacity overth=
an as Federation representatives?=20

Thoran: Response

Any: Response

Lieutenant KnightTactical Officer
U.S.S AtlantisA239412DK0

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