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Lt. Commander Anath G\'Renn - Oh Joy, Another Diplomatic Event

2020-05-13 10:21:06


((Observation Lounge - Deck 1, USS Atlantis))

((Time Index: The briefing.))

Anath had just finished sharing breakfast with her husband and was almost
ready for her duty shift when she'd gotten the call that there was =
going to
be a senior staff briefing in ten minutes. She needed only to change the
destination she spoke as she stepped into the turbolift just outside her
quarters. She was one of the first people to arrive. Her arrival was
followed closely by Doctor Journs, who took a seat next to her. Their first
officer was next to arrive, with her infant daughter T'Saara in tow=

Thoran: Response

Serala: My apologies, sir. I couldn't find a sitter on such short n=
Most of them are in this room.

On a ship of 150 where two-thirds of the crew would be on assigned duty
shifts or sleeping at any given time, Anath imagined that would be
difficult. Even that assumed that everyone on the crew was qualified to
babysit. Regardless, she doubted that anyone was going to object to
T'Saara's presence.

Thoran/Any: Responses

G'Renn: Should you ever need an emergency sitter, Savok is usually
available at short notice.

She was certain that Savok wouldn't mind being volunteered for that=
. He was
certainly qualified with past child care experience and emergency first aid
certification. T'Saara was also probably one of the few people on t=
he ship
who would be able to listen to the Vulcan botanist talk about his work in
excruciatingly unexciting and technical detail. Granted, only because she
would be unable to comprehend it enough to find it boring.

Serala: :: to T'Saara :: Now be a good girl for mommy.

The first officer's embarrassment worsened as the eyes of everyone =
in the
room had been drawn to her and the unplanned additional guest who would be
joining the senior staff briefing. Her mind briefly wandered to the
feasibility of an honorary senior staff position and Starfleet uniform for
the youngest member of the crew before she refocused on the meeting.

Serala: Sorry. Not very professional of me.

Anath smiled reassuringly before turning her focus back to the meeting. The
best way to address the situation was probably to avoid dwelling on it and
treat it as normal.

Thoran: Response

Any: Responses

Thoran: Response

Hyden: Oh yes, Sir I am currently redrawing the security plans highlighted
in my report.

Thoran: Response

Hyden: Yes, Sir I will take care of it.

One by one, the other members of the senior staff filtered into the
briefing room as the time inched closer to the appointed meeting time.
Anath poured herself a glass of water from the refreshments set out on the
table and took a few sips from it while they waited. Once everyone had
assembled, the meeting could get off to a start.

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself to the
refreshments. Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called you
here. The Freeworlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime
and have invited us to attend.

Oh how wonderful! Because that always worked out so well for them. Anath
sat back and considered some of the other major diplomatic and economic
conferences that she had attended in an official capacity. There had been
the time that they attended a corporate event and almost crashed the ship
while the ship's telepaths slowly lost control of their minds. Then=
was the most recent diplomatic trip to Tibro that had started off well
enough. Unfortunately, that cultural exchange and diplomatic endeavor had
ended in treating mass heavy metal poisoning and the murder of one of their
own. Maybe they should stick to safer missions like surveying black holes
or emergency triage after planet-wide earthquakes.

Thoran: The purpose of this conference from what I understand is to bring
together several different factions and establish new trade relations with
the Freeworlds.

Any: Responses

Hyden: Well you say several factions so I am supposing our enemies may be

Kiax: Do we know who else they've invited, besides ourselves?

Anath looked over to Commander Thoran, curious to hear the answer.

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able to ascertain the
Freeworlds Council have invited representatives from the Caraadian Noble
Houses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and even the Valcarian
Imperial Republic.

McKnight: Let's hope just the good Romulans show up.

At least there would be no shortage of guests at the conference to get to
know. Everybody was going to have someone there representing their
interests. She was a little surprised that the Klingons and the Romulan
Star Empire hadn't sent anyone. Even just as observers to keep up w=
current events.

Kiax: Sounds like we're up against some fairly aggressive competiti=
on. What
have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

Was it actually a competition? She hadn't heard anything to indicat=
e trade
opportunities in the Freeworlds were a zero-sum game. Then again, she was a
doctor and not an economist. That train of thought was promptly derailed by
a series of vocalizations from the meeting's youngest attendee.

T'Saara: :: happily :: ggwwabble maaa fu

Serala: I don't think she was asking you, Little Bean. But thanks f=
or the

Anath smiled internally, but kept a neutral, professional expression on her
face. She couldn't imagine that Serala was thrilled by the interrup=
tion to
a mission briefing. Calling attention to it could only make the
embarrassment worse.

Knight: I don't think competition is the right context to use for o=
involvement in this. The competition will be between the Caraadain Houses
now that the war has ended, there is a good chance a lot of old rivalries
will surface. The Federation holds access to the most viable trade route
out of the expanse, even the Ferengi have to contend with that fact.

Hyden: From what you're saying it looks like we will need to keep a=
eye out. We have vipers mixed with more vipers in a pit that we have to
step into.

Journs: ::pauses:: I wonder if we have anything in Sickbay that might be of
interest. Medical tools always seem to be a valuable commodity.

That comment earned an inquisitive raised Vulcan eyebrow from her.

G'Renn: ::Smiling:: I do hope you aren't planning to auctio=
n off all of

Not that the Federation made much attempt to restrict access to medical
supplies. She was sure that, at a major trade conference, they could find
someone who was looking for some or the medical equipment that they could

Any: Responses

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods for us to use as
trade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspect what we
have before initiating trade=E2=80=A6 Currency might be a bit of an issue t=

Currency. Trade and economic interactions with foreign governments and
companies was always a little tricky for the Federation. A society mostly
lacking an official currency didn't have an equivalent medium of ex=
when dealing with someone who did always trade in currencies. But the issue
had always been something that Starfleet could overcome. Need be they could
always trade goods in exchange for the local currency.

G'Renn: It always is. ::She shrugged.:: But we've managed s=
o far.

Any: Responses

Serala: Since the Valcarians have been invited, sir, am I to understand
that means Ambassador Dels'an? And if so, will she be travelling wi=
th us
again, or does she have her own transport?

Anath had only encountered the ambassador once or twice during their time
in Tibro in passing. Mostly helping the Valcarian authorities providing
updates on the cadmium poisoning. She wasn't sure quite what to thi=
nk of

Thoran: Response

Knight: If I might add to that Sir. We need to be aware of the fact that if
we transport the ambassador it could be used to imply a political agreement
between us.

The optics of it wouldn't be ideal. Ferrying around the ambassador =
for a
government long-considered to be an antagonistic force in the region wasn=
a great way to win friends. Hopefully the ambassador could find her own
transportation arrangements. It wasn't like the Atlantis would alwa=
ys be
around DS26 whenever she needed a ride.

Hyden: With all the factions you named I saw a possible power struggle with
us in the middle. Negotiations only last as long as the status quo stays in
each faction's favor. If that changes this situation could turn ugly and
faster than we would want it too. Who do we have in the terms of allies?

McKnight: Security would be on guard considering those attending. We need
to be extra careful.

Journs: ::grimaces and mutters:: Sounds like a tough crowd.

Why could they never just go to a place where everyone liked them? Or
anyone, for that matter.

G'Renn: We might not have a very long list of allies at the confere=
What about the other members of the Freeworlds Council? What are we looking
at in terms of people running the show on their end?

Any: Responses

Obviously, the conference was being run by the Freeworlds Council. The
answer was technically accurate, but incredibly unhelpful. It was like
saying an event was being organized by the Federation. A conference
organized by the Diplomatic Corps and an event organized by the Starfleet
Marines would both meet that definition. But they would undoubtedly be very

Knight: Illara Prime is known for its senate comprised of roughly a hundred
different commercial companies, the appointed governor will likely be
responsible for overseeing the event. Will we be attending in any capacity
over than as Federation representatives?

Thoran: Response

Their new security officer chimed in with another good logistics question.

Ganarvuss: How long will the conference go?

Any: Responses

Matthieu: Valcarians, sir?

She glanced towards the new officer and felt a bit of sympathy for him.
There was so much history of the interactions of the regional powers. It
was a lot to take in as a new arrival on the ship.

Journs: A large power in the region. Their republic is comprised of
hundreds of worlds. If I'm recalling correctly, they're in =
an expansionist
phase of their development. The ones that I've encountered were ver=
militaristic in their thinking and their demeanor. Much of what they did
was about control.

Thoran/Mattheiu: Responses

Serala/Any: Responses

Anath let others explain the Valcarians and their government. Despite
having been the first officer to be assigned to the region of those in the
room, her focus had always been on medicine. Her time on the Blackwell had
left her knowing little about the powers in the Par'tha Expanse bes=
emergency medicine. Only after being reassigned to the Expanse had she
reviewed the socio-political environment of the Par'tha Expanse.

Journs: ::pauses and turns to Thoran:: I assume, sir, that we won't=
all be
going down at once? That we'll be sending a team?

Thoran: Response

Journs: ::nods:: Yes, sir. ::pauses:: If I might, sir...I'd like to
volunteer to be a part of whatever group goes.

Anath turned her head to look at her ACMO curiously.

Thoran: Response

Journs: ::smiles:: Doctors aren't just good at medicine. Back home,=
Haemachuo siblings would come to me at times to mediate their disagreements=

She'd had a similar experience at Starfleet Academy. However, she h=
always attributed that to the half-Vulcan discipline that allowed her to
look at things from an objective viewpoint.

Thoran: Response

Any: Responses

G'Renn: As I understand it these events are not common for the Free=
In addition to security concerns and formal diplomatic duties, it might be
worthwhile to keep an eye on the other attendees, especially the
Valcarians. Other factions might see this as an opportunity to establish
influence in the region.

While she was by no means an intelligence officer, Anath realized that it
was important to keep tabs on the diplomatic situation in the Par't=
Expanse. A major trade conference for the Freeworlds would allow them the
opportunity to monitor what the Romulans, Ferengi, and even the Valcarians
were aiming to accomplish in the Freeworlds.

Any: Responses

Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn

Chief Medical Officer, USS Atlantis


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