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Marine Captain Logan - (Backsim) No speaky the lingo init

2020-05-13 10:19:51


(( OOC1: Made an error, I'd assumed that the rescued children were also par=
t of the sim. So I've adjusted his reason for being there to fit with Comma=
nder Serala))

((OOC 2: My apologies for the lack of proper translation in this sim, havin=
g problems getting onto Google to get one))

((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 2, Outside Room 02-021=
5, House Larkon Space, Paldor System))

Leaving the after drill biscuits and tea as soon as the conversation with M=
cKnight and Solana allowed. Kurt had headed back to Marine Country to fresh=
en up and change uniform, then to the Armoury to re-ready his gear for when=
not if unfortunately it was needed again.

Then found the Marine Captain sat on his chair stick outside the quaters of=
their new First Officer, beginning to write his report. It would be one of=
two he would be sending to their Marine Commander, this initial report of =
action taken and thoughts on the events. Then an after action one after rea=
ding the reports of the other Marines, also including any observations and =
or recommendations based upon it.

Kurt was well aware that it was the job of the Team leaders and next in lin=
e to do such reports, but he felt it was also the hob of each Marine to do =
so as well. Well at least those able to form coherent sentences at least, l=
est it turn into a code breaking session of discovery.

They all needed to push themselves more and become a more rounded unit rath=
er than just the ones at the top doing all the thinking.

So here he sat waiting for the Commander.

Logan oO Which if judging by the the person heading this way accompanied by=
small giggles, means she is here Oo

And indeed it was the Commander with T'Saara in arm, a small smile aimed hi=
s way.

Serala: Kurt? Um, not that I don't appreciate the gesture, but Litt=
le Bean is with me. This was quite unnecessary.

Logan: Really !!! So that's who the little one is I had wondered so thank y=
ou for the heads up. ::Smiling:: That drill got a little intense at time ho=
w did you both fare ?

Serala: Yes, it was pretty realistic. I will admit that even I worried abou=
t some things. But as you can see, she's fine. We're fine.

Logan: That's good news.

Serala: Well, as long as you're here, why don't you come in=
and get something to eat. And drink. You have to be exhausted after all th=

Logan: Exhausted ha, Marines are used to working with little sleep and....

Letting his head roll forward and closing his eyes he allowed himself to ro=
ck slightly as he snored deeply. On his third snore the brought his head bo=
lt upright snapping his eyes open.

Logan: Commander ! I didnt know you were there, lucky that though as I was =
looking to ask you how you fared during our drill ?. Oh and look the little=
one is with you.

Serala: Response

Bending down to small baby girl.

Logan:: In Romulan:: How did you enjoy your adventure Little Bean ?

Receiving a smile and waving hands Kurt returned the gestures and sounds, m=
aking those weird faces every parent can easily identify.

Serala: Response

Placing a hand on his chest with a surprised look on his face Kurt looked a=
t the Romulan Mother.

Logan: Oh no Ma'am I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I've neve=
r spoken Romulan what ever gave you that idea? My language limit is orderin=
g from the bar and asking for those sharp and shiny presious things. But th=
en you would know that as Romulans like Swords and Knives as well do they n=

Smiling widely Kurt waited before speaking again which happened to coincide=
with the Commander starting to speak.

Logan: Oh but where are my manners you asked my for a drink. I'm terrible s=
orry I dont have one on me, I've just eaten and had one then.

Serala: Response

Captain Kurt Logan
Marine Officer
USS Atlantis, NCC-74682

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