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Marine Captain Logan - Covering a Conference.

2020-05-14 10:28:12


((Beta Quadrant, Par'tha Expanse, USS Atlantis, Deck 1, Conference room, Ho=
use Larkon Space, Paldor System))

Thoran: =3D/\=3D Thoran to all senior staff. Briefing in ten minutes. =3D/\=

The Captains voice sounded out as Kurt sat at one of the tables in the Loun=
ge area, the PADD in front of him displayed the schematics of a old sidearm=
. Such reading had been prompted by the drill they had all undertaken, it h=
ad shown a potential weakness that given the 'Enemy' they had be fighting n=
eeded looking into.

Now he had to be elsewhere, darkening the PADD Kurt synthesised a couple of=
pieces of fruit from the replicator, their red skin dull against the PADD =
he balanced them on.

As was almost true to form he arrived at the conference room before the ten=
minute mark was up but the last to arrive. Taking the vacant seat he notic=
ed the extra member of the Senior Officers, a small but well known wide eye=
d girl, in the arms of her mother.

He had also judging by the looks given by Lieutenant Hyden, Commander Seral=
a, Lieutenant Journs and Captain Thoran they had been having a conversation=
between themselves.

Thoran: Thank you all for being so prompt. Help yourself to the refreshment=

It was tempting to head to the Replicator but these meetings tended to be q=
uite high brow so he could do with a drink to keep himself occupied while t=
he brainy ones talked. But the Captain started talking again all to quickly=

Thoran: Now I am sure you are all wondering why I have called you here. The=
Freeworlds Council are holding a trade conference on Illara Prime and have=
invited us to attend.

Logan oO A trade conference .... well let's hope it'll be completely boring=
, wouldnt that be nice Oo

Thoran: The purpose of this conference from what I understand is to bring t=
ogether several different factions and establish new trade relations with t=
he Freeworlds.

Well it would be a good chance to give themselves if not allies then at lea=
st not enemies, and if luck is with them then perhaps some friendly contact=

Any: Responses

Hyden: Well you say several factions so I am supposing our enemies may be p=

Kiax: Do we know who else they've invited, besides ourselves?

Logan oO Here we go..... Oo

Thoran: An excellent question. From what I have been able to ascertain the =
Freeworlds Council have invited representatives from the Caraadian Noble Ho=
uses, Ferengi Commerce Authority, Romulan Republic and even the Valcarian I=
mperial Republic.

McKnight: Let's hope just the good Romulans show up.

It was a statement that caused at least one eyebrow to arc, that belonging =
to their Assistant CMO. Although there were bad shooty shooty Romulans and =
good not so shooty shooty Romulans. The line between shooty shooty and non =
shooty shooty sometimes couldn't be seen with a microscope.

Still their first Officers mother had so far been a non shooty shooty he ju=
st hoped it remained that way. That was one family dynamic that needed not =
to change.

Kiax: Sounds like we're up against some fairly aggressive competiti=
on. What have we got to bring to the negotiating table?

T'Saara: :: happily :: ggwwabble maaa fu

Serala: I don't think she was asking you, Little Bean. But thanks f=
or the suggestion.

Kurt couldnt help but smile.

Logan oO I dont know for sure but that was probably the most intelligent th=
ing I'm going to hear during the whole conderence Oo

Hyden: From what you're saying it looks like we will need to keep a=
sharp eye out. We have vipers mixed with more vipers in a pit that we have=
to step into.

Journs: ::pauses:: I wonder if we have anything in Sickbay that might be of=
interest. Medical tools always seem to be a valuable commodity.

G'Renn: ::Smiling:: I do hope you aren't planning to auctio=
n off all of sickbay.

Any: Responses

Kiax: I can probably get my hands on some physical goods for us to use as t=
rade samples before we leave. Just in case they want to inspect what we hav=
e before initiating trade=E2=80=A6 Currency might be a bit of an issue thou=

G'Renn: It always is. ::She shrugged.:: But we've managed s=
o far.

McKnight: I'm sure depending on the price, we can get authorization
quire the appropriate amount of funds.

Journs: ::nods:: If anything, we can always use the old-fashioned system--g=
oods for goods.

Logan: Am I to take it that were part of the trade talks and not just happy=
bystanders ?

Any: Responses

Serala: Since the Valcarians have been invited, sir, am I to understand tha=
t means Ambassador Dels'an? And if so, will she be travelling with =
us again, or does she have her own transport?

The Ambassador was a friendly, well non violent acquaintance which in the E=
xpanse was virtually a declaration of support. Which could change in the ti=
me it took to breathe.

Thoran: Response

Knight: If I might add to that Sir. We need to be aware of the fact that if=
we transport the ambassador it could be used to imply a political agreemen=
t between us.

Hyden: With all the factions you named I saw a possible power struggle with=
us in the middle. Negotiations only last as long as the status quo stays i=
n each faction's favor. If that changes this situation could turn ugly and =
faster than we would want it too. Who do we have in the terms of allies?

McKnight: Security would be on guard considering those attending. We need t=
o be extra careful.

Journs: ::grimaces and mutters:: Sounds like a tough crowd.

G'Renn: We might not have a very long list of allies at the conference. Wha=
t about the other members of the Freeworlds Council? What are we looking at=
in terms of people running the show on their end?

Knight: Illara Prime is known for its senate comprised of roughly a hundred=
different commercial companies, the appointed governor will likely be resp=
onsible for overseeing the event. Will we be attending in any capacity over=
than as Federation representatives?

Thoran: Response

Ganarvuss: How long will the conference go?

Any: Response

Matthieu: Valcarians, sir?

It was one of the newer Officers that Scuttlebutt had put onboard, he had m=
et briefly one of the Security Officers

Logan oO Laznier... Lasneor....Lazmor...Laser that's close enough Oo

Before demands split them up onto different Decks. A Black haired, Blue eye=
d attractive lady sat a seat over also wearing Gold, word had it that she w=
as also in Lieutenant Hyden's Department.

The question had come from the Dark Brown haired Teal wearing Ensign.

Logan oO Had they said Science or Sciemic ....doesnt matter either way thei=
r both Science Oo

Journs: A large power in the region. Their republic is comprised of hundred=
s of worlds. If I'm recalling correctly, they're in an expa=
nsionist phase of their development. The ones that I've encountered=
were very militaristic in their thinking and their demeanor. Much of what =
they did was about control.

Logan oO Pretty good summary of their best qualities Oo

Thoran / Mattheiu: Responses

Serala / Any: Responses

Journs: ::pauses and turns to Thoran:: I assume, sir, that we won't=
all be going down at once? That we'll be sending a team?

Thoran: Response

Journs: ::nods:: Yes, sir. ::pauses:: If I might, sir...I'd like to=
volunteer to be a part of whatever group goes.

Logan oO Ooooo..... no volunteering, volunteering bad, volunteering leads t=
o trouble. But then so does being assigned mmmm..... yep volunteer away Oo

Thoran: Response

Journs: ::smiles:: Doctors aren't just good at medicine. Back home,=
my Haemachuo siblings would come to me at times to mediate their disagreem=

Thoran: Response

Any: Response

Logan: Lead on then Doc you obviously know what your doing, that and they b=
etter watch out i saw how you took on those Breen. ::Grinning::

G'Renn: As I understand it these events are not common for the Free=
worlds. In addition to security concerns and formal diplomatic duties, it m=
ight be worthwhile to keep an eye on the other attendees, especially the Va=
lcarians. Other factions might see this as an opportunity to establish infl=
uence in the region.

Logan: That sounds like everyone there

Any: Responses

Captain Kurt Logan
Marine Officer
USS Atlantis, NCC-74682

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