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Lieutenant Ben Garcia - Briefing

2020-02-19 12:38:16


(( Gathering in conference room one, main building, Embassy. ))

Ben threaded his fingers through the handle. He leant forward. His cheeks w=
armed from the brush of steam reaching upwards from his tea. Smiles had bee=
n nodded and catch-ups snatched here and there. Seeing the admiral booted f=
or combat, the senior staff were quick to settle. As the last officer settl=
ed into their seat, the admiral stood and addressed the group.

Turner: First of all I want to welcome Ensigns Alieth, Sirok, Wilkins, and =
2nd Lt. Greaves to the Senior Staff... You couldn't have come at a better t=
ime as far as our need for you, nor the worst time, considering we are at w=
ar with the Tel Shiar. And make no mistake firing on one of our shuttles ca=
using it to crash and kidnapping one of us was indeed an act of war we cann=
ot, nor will not, ignore.

The room softened a moment as nods of welcome and acknowledgment circulated=
the room. Ben noticed a few smiles between the ensigns. As Ben took a slur=
ped sip of tea, he guessed that the ensigns had trained together. Ben's bro=
ws sunk at the memory of meeting Addison on the first day of their final ca=
det tour; where was she now?

A hand tapped Ben's backrest. Ben shuffled forward, tucking himself out of =
the way, and a marine squelched his way past towards one of the free seats.=
Ben turned back to face Turner.

Now, the admiral waved her hand, and a chart of the Typhon Expanse came up =
above the table top.

Turner: Additionally, Intelligence reported, a ship, most likely a Warbird,=
barely on the edge of their sensor range and deep inside Romulan territory=
had left its base like a bat out of hell a few minutes earlier. It was pus=
hing its engines so hard, it disrupted its cloaking device just enough to l=
eave a small particle footprint behind. A few possible destinations have be=
en projected, including: :: pointing on the chart to blank space :: a previ=
ously uncharted system within the Typhon Expanse. Long-range sensor reading=
s of that system were distorted, but they showed the unmistakable traces of=
a material that was close to the top of the Federation's hazardous substan=
ces list. Proto-matter, and a lot of it. Enough, if used as a weapon, coul=
d totally devastate any system in the Universe.

She let that digest with the staff while she took a sip of water, then spok=
e again.

Turner: For this mission, we will need two teams. The Search Team to find a=
nd recover Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie and her captors, comprised of the fo=

Turner: Lt. Cmdr. Teller, Major Parker, Lt. Col. Mitchell, 2nd Lt. Greaves =
and other Marines designated by Major Parker.

Turner: Interception Team will accompany me on the USS Thunder - A, with Lt=
. Commander Alex Brodie as Acting First Officer, Lt. Ben Garcia at helm, Lt=
. Commander Krindo Pandorn and Ensign Sirok as engineers, Lt. Quen Deena (A=
cting CMO) and Ensign Alieth in Medical, Lt. Lorian Lovar and Ensign Wilkin=
s in Science.

Ben took a quiet breath. Loosening a hand from his mug of tea, Ben pawed hi=
s stubble. A small smile crept along at the thought of piloting the Thunder=
- then Ben's shoulders tensed with apprehension as he clocked the Major mu=
lling over the change of ship too.

The admiral continued.

Turner: My reason for taking the Thunder is tactical. Although a smaller sh=
ip, she is a battle cruiser and has the weaponry to back her up. And like t=
he Thor she is equipped with Quantum Slip-Stream Warp Drive (QSD) We don't=
know what we will need out there, but the Thunder will likely have more of=

Any questions, comments or suggestions? If not, Interception Team can beam=
up to the Thunder and the Search Team can be on its way.

Staff members: Response?

Mitchell: Ma'am, I have Lightning and Falcon squadrons currently helping th=
e Bronwyn and Bondi on barrier patrol around the planet. Six Lancers and si=
x updated Peregines. Their normally based space side on the Thunder. Do you=
want them along with you for this run?

Turner/Any: response

Mitchell: Yes ma'am.

Parker: A word with you Admiral before you beam up....

Turning to the damp marine sitting next to him, Hannibal spoke...

Parker: Welcome to Duronis, Lieutenant...

Greaves: response

Parker: I'm going to go talk to the Admiral. Meanwhile, get yourself acquai=
nted with the rest...

Greaves: response

When the conversation had died down a bit, Teller stood slowly and addresse=
d the room.

Teller: You folks heard the Admiral - Intercept Team, rally out front of t=
he admin building in five minutes for transport to the Thunder. Ground tea=
m, we'll be using the Ops Center as a war room until further notice - Major=
Parker, Lt. Col Mitchell & 2nd Lt. Greaves - meet me there and we'll start=
formulating a tactical plan. :: He offered them a tight, knowing smile. ::=
I realize this isn't how anybody expected today to go...but this is the li=
fe we chose. Good hunting to you all. Dismissed.

After the XO's closing words, there was the usual sounds of people getting =
up and Hannibal spoke to the new Lt before heading for the Admiral and XO. =
That left Lt Greaves with Mitchell and Martinez.

Mitchell: :: Leaning over and sticking out a hand. :: Mitchell, nice to mee=
t you in person Lt.

Martinez/Greaves: response

Mitchell: Actually you got a pretty average welcome for a Marine joining th=
is unit. I came out for a wedding, so I got at least two days on planet wit=
hout a fire fight. But then I went back to my last posting to finish my rot=
ation there, then came back out and pretty much jumped into combat sortie.

Martinez/Greaves: response

Mitchell: But if you will excuse me, I need to have a word with Lt Garcia b=
efore he beams up to the Thunder.

Martinez/Greaves: response

Mitchell got to his feet and hurried to catch up to Ben in the hallway.

Mitchell: Hey Garcia, got a quick second?

Garcia: :: Ben raised a hand and smiled in acknowledgement. :: Sure, Sir. :=
: Ben then mumbled, almost to himself. :: Let me just ...

Ben was caught in the tide of officers pilling out of the briefing room. Be=
n continued walking a few paces and angled himself so that he came to stop =
against the corridor wall.

Mitchell: :: Catching up. :: Thanks. Just wanted to share a couple of thing=
s with you about the Thunder-A.

Garcia: :: Self-deprecatingly. :: You mean ... don't crash the Major's wing=

Ben smiled and then continued.

Garcia: Hazarding a guess ... there's been some modifications...

Mitchell: Well, being Marines and plus Major Parker, we added more armour a=
nd weaponry, so she's has a bit more mass than the typically Akira. So we h=
ad to add extra thrusters to compensate.

Garcia: :: Laughing at himself. :: Saves me a couple of embarrassing manoeu=
vers figuring it out. :: Ben shifted his weight and bit his lip gently. :: =
She's not as nibble as originally spec'd then?

Mitchell: Yeah, she's not quite got the turning ability of a Defiant or a S=
abre, with that ability to turn inside themselves, but she will turn on a d=
ime now instead of a quarter. And she does a heck of a slide as your spitt=
ing torpedoes.

Ben leant in enthusiastically.

Garcia: Yea - the manoeuver with the Red Star ... :: Ben paused thoughtfull=
y. :: ... using the fighter birds ... :: Ben shook his head in defeat. :: W=
hat was that?

Mitchell: Response

Garcia: That was slick. :: Ben shook his head in disbelief at what he'd see=
n. :: Ingenious.

Mitchell: Response

Garcia: :: Eagerly. :: While I've got you Colonel, is there anything else t=
o know?

Mitchell: Response


Lieutenant Ben Garcia
Second Officer/HCO
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thor NCC-82607
Author ID number: G239102MR0

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