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Rear Admiral Toni Turner Change in the team

2020-02-19 15:07:56


((Conference Room 1, Embassy of Duronis II))

Turner:=C2=A0 Any questions, comments or suggestions?=C2=A0 If not, Interce=
ption Team can beam up to the Thunder and the Search Team can be on its way=

Staff members: Response?

((OOC:=C2=A0 If anyone has responses or questions for the Admiral, please p=
lug them in prior to Teller's dialogue below.=C2=A0 Thanks!))

When the conversation had died down a bit, Teller stood slowly and addresse=
d the room.

Teller:=C2=A0 You folks heard the Admiral - Intercept Team, rally out front=
of the admin building in five minutes for transport to the Thunder.=C2=A0 =
Ground team, we'll be using the Ops center as a war room until further noti=
ce - Major Parker, Lt. Col Mitchell & 2nd Lt. Greaves - meet me there and w=
e'll start formulating a tactical plan.=C2=A0 ::He offered them a tight, kn=
owing smile:: I realize this isn't how anybody expected today to go...but t=
his is the life we chose. Good hunting to you all.=C2=A0 Dismissed.

As the crew filed out, Teller lingered behind, catching Admiral Turner's ey=
e.=C2=A0 When the door finally closed and the two of them were alone, Telle=
r let out a long breath. =C2=A0

Teller: Ma'am, before you step off I wanted to discuss...a policy matter wi=
th you.

Turner:=C2=A0 Alright, shoot.

Teller:=C2=A0 I'm new to this command, so I'm not entirely sure if you've g=
ot standing orders for a situation like this, but I need to know - am I try=
ing to capture the Romulan agents that shot us down?=C2=A0 I don't want to =
speak for Major Parker, but he certainly didn't look like he was in a 'capt=
uring' mood, if you take my meaning. =C2=A0

Toni recognized his worries about Hannibal's=C2=A0gung ho demeanor and saw =
she had to assure the newness of her XO's experience.
Turner:=C2=A0 Standing orders in all situations is to take them alive, but =
we all know that is not always possible, when lives are endangered I expect=
you all to use force to protect yourselves or the lives of your team membe=

Teller:=C2=A0 Understood ma'am, I'll follow your orders to the letter - I j=
ust wanted to make sure I was clear.=C2=A0 Do you have any other orders for=
me while you're away?=C2=A0 ::He smiled and tried to lighten the mood just=
slightly::=C2=A0 Water the house plants?=C2=A0 Walk your dog? =C2=A0

She chuckled slightly.

Turner: Babysitting two one-year-olds, and one two-year-old?=C2=A0 Just kid=
ding. :: But then looked at him sternly:: Actually,=C2=A0 until I saw you i=
n the briefing, I didn't know the extent of your injuries. but the doctor i=
n me knows that you have to be struggling to regain your strength, so I'm m=
aking a change in your team. You're required to take Doctor Alieth with you=
, and besides that, she will be there to attend any injuries incurred by th=
e team and attend Doctor MacKenzie as we don't know what kind of shape she =
will be in if you are successful in recovering her. =C2=A0
Teller:=C2=A0 Will do...thank you, Admiral.=C2=A0 Good luck out there. =C2=

Turner:=C2=A0 Godspeed, Teller.


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"A great leader takes people wherethey don't necessarily want to go,but oug=
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