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MSPNC Lena - Making themselves at home

2020-02-19 18:15:43


((Talris Hollow, Til'ahn))

Dry and safe in the cave they had found, Herrick and Lena huddled together =
to stay reasonably warm.

Lena suddenly tilted her head towards the opening to the cave.

Herrick: What is...

Lena: Shhhh! They are near. Three, but only one Federation the other two ar=
e...Romulan. That explains a lot. We should have known that they were=
in league with each other.

Herrick could see her senses were still highly tuned after her fielding in =
the rain =E2=80=93 he could feel them too, faintly.

Herrick: Easy...we don't know what the situation is. I saw th=
eir vessel under attack.

Lena: You did? That does make a difference.

Herrick: Perhaps we should watch them, discretely.

Lena: We have to. . . the storm is intensifying and turning to snow.

Herrick: The forest will protect itself =E2=80=93 including from us if we a=
ct with too much haste.
Lena: Yes, you're right of course, and the snow is the best way it can do t=
hat. We'll need a fire.

:: She looked around them to see if they could vent one.::

Lena: If we build one here we'll be smoked out. Maybe there is a vent furth=
er into the cave. Even if there is not one, we'll be warmer away from the o=

Herrick: Response

Bundling up their food in their blankets they walked slowly into the darkne=
ss, one fielding the bottom so they wouldn't fall into any holes and the ot=
her fielding for an air vent. When they found a vent they stopped making th=
emselves comfortable while they surveyed what was available to make a fire.

Lena: Trees have wormed their branches into the cracks between the stone. W=
e could chop them out for fuel.

Herrick: Response

Lena: Great, if I can find some slate, to make an oven, I'll bake some of o=
ur vegetables for us to eat. I have enough here to last until the snow melt=

Herrick: Response
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simmed byRear Admiral Toni TurnerCommanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II USS Thor NCC-82607Author ID: E238209TT0

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