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Lt. Cmdr. Alex Brodie "Dressed To Impress"

2020-02-19 19:20:35


=E2=80=9CDressed To Impress=E2=80=9D

((Turner's Embassy Office))

Turner: :: Speaking to Alex:: I finally got through to Hannibal, and he
thinks, as we do, that the Tal Shiar is behind all this. He said that Alpha
Squad is watching them until we have a rescue and elimination plan ready to
go, which should not take long. They are trapped, pinned down, and all
their little toys failed to stop them. All they did was piss him off even

Brodie nodded.

Brodie: A bad day to be our kidnappers...but we need to use a measure=
caution. I don't think the Laudean's will appreciate a runn=
ing battle over
their world.

Turners comm chimed and A call came in from the Director, and Toni listened
carefully to her =E2=80=93 Brodie made a concerted effort not to hear what =
Chang was relaying, he'd learn what he needed soon enough. He wasn=
't sure
but he thought he heard something about photo-scatter?

Turner: =/\= Yes, Ma'am. Understood. It will be done. Turner Out=/\=

Brodie: Problems?

Turner: Complications. We have to take a little trip. I need to call a

The admiral tapped her comm and Brodie heard the message in stereo as his
comm. badge repeated every word.


*((A Walk Up The Corridor Later))*

Brodie and Turner had been setting up the briefing room while the others
had slowly filled the room, Turner had disappeared for a moment and he took
a while to survey the room. The new crew were chatting, clearly excited and
a little nervous about their first assignment. The marines crept in as one
large dangerous mass as usual, Hannibal first followed by Mitchell and

He turned towards the door to see Turner reappear, armed and wearing a
battle-vest. He mentally raised an eyebrow at the appearance but it was
clear Toni planned to lead from the front on this one. Once everyone was
assembled she stood to address the room.

Turner: First of all I want to welcome Ensigns Alieth, Sirok, Wilkins, and
2nd Lt. Greaves to the Senior Staff... You couldn't have come at a better
time as far as our need for you, nor the worst time, considering we are at
war with the Tel Shiar. And make no mistake firing on one of our shuttles
causing it to crash and kidnapping one of us was indeed an act of war we
cannot, nor will not, ignore.

Turner acknowledge the new additions to the Embassy and then turned to a
display of the Typhon Expanse.

Turner: Additionally, Intelligence reported, a ship, most likely a Warbird,
barely on the edge of their sensor range and deep inside Romulan territory
had left its base like a bat out of hell a few minutes earlier. It was
pushing its engines so hard, it disrupted its cloaking device just enough
to leave a small particle footprint behind. A few possible destinations
have been projected, including: :: pointing on the chart to blank space ::
a previously uncharted system within the Typhon Expanse. Long-range sensor
readings of that system were distorted, but they showed the unmistakable
traces of a material that was close to the top of the Federation's
hazardous substances list. Proto-matter, and a lot of it. Enough, if used
as a weapon, could totally devastate any system in the Universe.

Proto-matter, not photo-scatter! That mademore sense...and also fille=
d him
with a sense of cold dread. While not exactly the same he'd worked=
with refugees from the Hobus disaster and he didn't relish the thou=
ght of
something similar befalling anyone.

Turner: For this mission, we will need two teams. The Search Team to find
and recover Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie and her captors, comprised of the

Turner: Lt. Cmdr. Teller, Major Parker, Lt. Col. Mitchell, 2nd Lt. Greaves
and other Marines designated by Major Parker.

Turner: Interception Team will accompany me on the USS Thunder - A, with
Lt. Commander Alex Brodie as Acting First Officer, Lt. Ben Garcia at helm,
Lt. Commander Krindo Pandorn and Ensign Sirok as engineers, Lt. Quen Deena
(Acting CMO) and Ensign Alieth in Medical, Lt. Lorian Lovar and Ensign
Wilkins in Science.

Alex glanced around the room. He wasn't sure about the search team =
having someone from the medical staff with them. Teller clearly wasn=E2=80=
=99t at a
hundred percent yet and MacKenzie or the others might need medical
attention, still, there was time before anyone left for the ships.

Turner: My reason for taking the Thunder is tactical. Although a smaller
ship, she is a battle cruiser and has the weaponry to back her up. And like
the Thor she is equipped with Quantum Slip-Stream Warp Drive (QSD) We don't
know what we will need out there, but the Thunder will likely have more of
it. Any questions, comments or suggestions? If not, Interception Team can
beam up to the Thunder and the Search Team can be on its way.

Wilkins: Should everyone on the Intercept Team be armed with phasers?

Turner: Absolutely, since there is the possibility that we could be
boarded. We'll have several Marine fireteams on board but everyone must
take responsibility for their own safety too.

Brodie wasn't wild about that. He didn't overly care for we=
apons...but they
were a necessary evil in this situation.

Mitchell: Ma'am, I have Lightning and Falcon squadrons currently he=
the Bronwyn and Bondi on barrier patrol around the planet. Six Lancers and
six updated Peregrines. Their normally based space side on the Thunder. Do
you want them along with you for this run?

Turner: Yes, I think it would be prudent should the Warbird engages us in
battle. Thank you Rode for pointing that asset out to me, but let's leave
three Lancers and three Peregrines here to help back up the Bronwyn, Bondi,
and now, the Thor.

Mitchell: Yes ma'am.

Turner: ???

Pandorn: There is something that is puzzling me about this kidnapping. It
seems like two separate incidents doesn't it? This might be the Tactical
Officer in me, but what if they are linked somehow?

Turner: ???

Pandorn: We used an inventive diversion to get to Thendara Two and Jorok
Three, maybe they are trying something similar? They will need to go
through this sector to get to the Typhon Expanse quickly instead of going
the long way around. I think the hit team is on a suicide mission.
::shudders at the implication::

Brodie smiled. Inventive was an understatement, improvised might be better
=E2=80=93 still, no-one died. Well, no-one who wasn't supposed to a=
nyway. Pandorn
may, however, have a point regarding the team =E2=80=93 they may well be li=
ve bait.
That said, they had MacKenzie now so they couldn't be ignored=E2=80=
=A6perhaps that
was the plan all along.

Turner: ???

Anyone else: ???

Parker: A word with you Admiral before you beam up...

Turner: Certainly, Hannibal.

Turning to the damp marine sitting next to him, Hannibal spoke...

Parker: Welcome to Duronis, Lieutenant...

Greaves: ???

Parker: I'm going to go talk to the Admiral. Meanwhile, get yourself
acquainted with the rest...

Greaves: ???

Hannibal and Turner talked quietly to one side and Brodie took a chance to
survey the room a second time, in light of the new information. Teller
looked pained but that was to be expected. Wilkins and the others seemed
excited =E2=80=93 perhaps nerves playing a part in that. Mitchell and Hella=
already calculating tactical plans behind there eyes, Daroo likewise =E2=80=
=93 it
was instinct for them. Alieth sent a few glances towards Teller, clearly
still concerned as the first responder.

Once Hannibal and the Admiral were done Teller came slowly to his feet,
leaning on the table slightly for support.

Teller: You folks heard the Admiral - Intercept Team, rally out front of
the admin building in five minutes for transport to the Thunder. Ground
team, we'll be using the Ops Center as a war room until further notice -
Major Parker, Lt. Col Mitchell & 2nd Lt. Greaves - meet me there and we'll
start formulating a tactical plan. :: He offered them a tight, knowing
smile. :: I realize this isn't how anybody expected today to go...but this
is the life we chose. Good hunting to you all. Dismissed.

A few people got up to leave the room and others talked amongst themselves.
Teller hung back to speak with the Admiral but not before she had some last
orders for the group.

Turner: Daroo, somehow you were left off a team, but I would appreciate it
if you would accompany the Ground team to the Ops Center.

Lt. Cmdr. Alexander Brodie
Chief Counselor
Duronis II Embassy/USS Thor NCC-82607
Writer ID.:* A239005BM0*

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