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Lieutenant Lorian Lovar - A Brief Reminder

2020-02-19 21:45:39


((Conference Room One =E2=80=93 Duronis II Embassy))

Wilkins: Any news on how the Executive Officer is recovering?

With impeccable timing, the XO in question was able to answer as he entered=
the room.

Teller:=C2=A0 Very well, thank you Ensign Wilkins.=C2=A0 I'm
glad to see all of you back here and in one piece.=C2=A0 Mr. Pandorn, if I
didn't properly express my appreciation at the time, allow me to now - than=
for getting that shuttle off my arm.=C2=A0=C2=A0

Pandorn: No thanks needed, Commander. You'd have done the same if i was the=
one who had a shuttle dropped on him. ::indicates Sirok next to him:: This=
is Ensign Sirok. Another engineer which we sorely needed.

Sirok: Sir, if you're not feeling well you can communicate
from the infirmary. Even if you are prepared for an HME you might almost fe=
like you are in the conference room.

Teller nodded towards the new
officer and smiled, without paying attention to his proposal.

Teller:=C2=A0 Pleasure to meet you, Mr. Sirok.=C2=A0 We can
always use another good engineer - welcome.=C2=A0=C2=A0

Quen took a seat at the
table as he continued to talk. Lorian gave a small wave as a greeting.

Teller:=C2=A0 While we wait, maybe you can bring me up to
speed.=C2=A0 I reviewed the Thor's mission files when I was transferred her=
so I know there was an incursion into Romulan space recently, but I don't k=
the context.=C2=A0 Can you take me through the highlights?=C2=A0=C2=A0

Remembering the horror of sweat and stress that was their previous mission,=
Lorian exchanged a knowing look with
Pandorn, Quen, and Garcia.=C2=A0

Pandorn: The short version is that the Tal Shiar was cooking up a bio-weapo=
n that they intended to unleash on a few Federation and Romulan Republic wo=
rlds. We had to breach Romulan space and destroy the virus and the facility=
producing it. And a pleasure cruiser that was hijacked for test subjects. =
Very insidious plan they had.=C2=A0Garcia:=C2=A0 Response

Quen: A virus. I'll spare you the details, but our former
Chief of Surgery rather ...creatively described it as =E2=80=98the zombie v=
irus'. Nasty
piece of work...

Lovar:=C2=A0 But, quite luckily, we were able to find a cure, albeit a fair=
ly brute force one. A compound we've found inside Benzite blood cells that =
rips the virus apart at the molecular level.

Wilkins: =C2=A0Response

After the explanation was completed, the Admiral began the brief.

Turner: First of all I want to welcome Ensigns Alieth, Sirok,
Wilkins, and 2nd Lt. Greaves to the Senior Staff. You couldn't have come at=
better time as far as our need for you, nor the worst time, considering we =
at war with the Tel Shiar. And make no mistake firing on one of our shuttle=
causing it to crash and kidnapping one of us was indeed an act of war we
cannot, nor will not, ignore.

The admiral waved her hand,
and a chart of the Typhon Expanse came up above the tabletop.

Turner: Additionally, Intelligence reported, a ship, most
likely a Warbird, barely on the edge of their sensor range and deep inside
Romulan territory had left its base like a bat out of hell a few minutes
earlier. It was pushing its engines so hard, it disrupted its cloaking devi=
just enough to leave a small particle footprint behind. A few possible
destinations have been projected, including: ::pointing on the chart to bla=
space:: a previously uncharted system within the Typhon Expanse. Long-range
sensor readings of that system were distorted, but they showed the unmistak=
traces of a material that was close to the top of the Federations hazardous
substances list.=C2=A0 Proto-matter, and a lot of it. Enough, if used as a
weapon, could totally devastate any system in the Universe.

Lorians eyes widened at the sentence. He had only heard of protomatter from=
brief lectures at the academy but he knew it was nothing to mess around wi=

Turner: For this mission, we will need two teams. The Search
Team to find and recover Lt. Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie and her captors, compr=
of the following:

Lt. Cmdr. Teller, Major
Parker, Lt. Col. Mitchell, 2nd Lt. Greaves and other Marines designated by
Major Parker.

Interception Team will
accompany me on the USS Thunder - A, with Lt. Commander Alex Brodie as
Acting First Officer, Lt. Ben Garcia at helm, Lt. Commander Krindo Pandorn =
Ensign Sirok as engineers, Lt. Quen Deena (Acting CMO) and Ensign Alieth in
Medical, Lt. Lorian Lovar and Ensign Wilkins in Science.

My reason for taking the
Thunder is tactical. Although a smaller ship, she is a battlecruiser and ha=
the weaponry to back her up. And like the Thor she is equipped with
Quantum Slip-Stream Warp Drive (QSD) We don't know what we will need out
there, but the Thunder will likely have more of it.

The Vulcan nodded at this. He still had yet to visit the Thunder and was a =
bit excited he would finally get the chance to see the facilities.

He listened intently until the questions ended.

Teller:=C2=A0 You folks heard the Admiral - Intercept Team,
rally out front of the admin building in five minutes for transport to the
Thunder.=C2=A0 Ground team, we'll be using the Ops center as a war room unt=
further notice - Major Parker, Lt. Col Mitchell & 2nd Lt. Greaves - meet me
there and we'll start formulating a tactical plan.=C2=A0 ::He offered them =
tight, knowing smile:: I realize this isn't how anybody expected today to
go...but this is the life we chose. Good hunting to you all.=C2=A0 Dismisse=
d.After Teller finished, Lorian and seemingly the entire room got up at abo=
ut the same time. He began walking to the lift as he noticed Wilkins follow=
ing him.


Lovar: So? How was your first official briefing as an officer?


Wilkins: Like they say, you never
forget your first one.Lovar: ::he gave a faint chuckle:: I still remember m=
y first briefing. A real doozy that one.As they entered the turbolift he re=
flected on his first mission, in which he had travelled back in time to sto=
p a Borg threat. Thinking of the Borg suddenly reminded him of his brother,=
and Lorian almost instantly lost his iconic smile and replaced it with the=
expression of Vulcan monotone.Wilkins: Response?Lovar: Hmm, I'm not sure. =
I haven't had the chance to yet.Wilkins: Response?Anyone: Response?TAGLieut=
enant Lorian LovarChief Science Officer Embassy at Duronis II - USS Thor NC=
C-82607V239508LL0=C2=A0Spice King of Duronis II

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