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Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie - Dumb and Dumber

2020-02-19 21:20:27


*((Romulan Basecamp, Shielded Cave, Talsion Forest))*

MacKenzie lie on the floor of the cave with her back pressed against the
wall. Her eyes were still covered and her hands were bound, and out of the
corner of her mouth she could feel where the blood had coagulated. Her mind
started to race with potential options for escape, but what could she do?

Run for it? Certainly not =E2=80=93 she was in no shape.

Fight them? Again, certainly not.

Barter with them? Possibly, but she had nothing they wanted. Immunity,

Pit them against each other? They'd been arguing since they took he=
hostage. It was clear that the one didn't like his partner, which c=
ould be
used to her advantage.

Before she could devise a plan, footsteps approached. As her captors
reached her side, one delivered a kick to her ribcage. MacKenzie sat up
quickly and faced them, with her knees in front of her protecting her torso=

*MacKenzie*: What do you want, *qezhtihn*?

His voice had an unmistakable taunting tone when she suddenly realized he
activated his translator.

*V'Tak*: There is no need for language like that. We're all very
civilized. Here, I've brought you some water - I'm certain you're
thirsty. You humans are so fragile.

The Romulan pulled down her blindfold so she could see them, putting their
faces to the voices for the first time since she was taken hostage.

*MacKenzie*: Civilized? You wouldn't know civilized if it bit you =
in the

MacKenzie's mind drifted to the murder case they'd solved o=
n the *Veritas*
only months earlier involving a xenophobic human bent on removing the
Romulan settlers from Ketar V. She shook her head and focused on the water
packet being held just slightly out of reach.

*V'Tak*: But first, your name. I know your Starfleet has rules for such
things - you are permitted to share your name, rank and ID number. What
harm could that do?

*MacKenzie*: I'm Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, chief med=
officer of the Embassy on Duronis II.

She watched as the Romulan grinned at her. He was clearly hoping for more
of a fight, but she couldn't be less interested at the moment. He h=
over the water packet, and MacKenzie quickly consumed its contents, freeing
her mouth from the metallic taste of her blood.

*V'Tak*: See, when you communicate with us, good things happen. When you
don't....::He locked eyes with the woman, then directed his gaze towards
Sojot's disruptor::...well, I believe you know what happens when you

*MacKenzie*: ::shaking her head:: So you really are all ruthless swine,
aren't you?

*Sojot*: Contrary to what propaganda you have been told, we aren't without
mercy. Especially to those who demonstrate reason.

*V'tak*: Response

*MacKenzie*: I think you'll find that I'm an incredibly rea=
sonable person...

*V'tak/Sojot*: Responses

Addison smirked through her bruised jaw and blood-crusted lips.

*MacKenzie*: So, how do we get out of here?

*V'tak/Sojot*: Responses

*MacKenzie*: Oh, I didn't expect you to have a plan. I mean, I=E2=
=80=99m sure your
superiors are going to be pretty upset when they find out you couldn=E2=80=
=99t hit
your *actual* target and got stuck with a lowly doctor. ...So, which =
one of
you colossally screwed *that* one up??

V'tak moved in to kick her again, but she kicked him gently in the =
before he could get a strike in.

*MacKenzie*: You'd better stop right there. I think we're a=
ll going to need
each other if we have any hope of getting out of this cave... And I t=
hink you
know that.

*V'tak/Sojot*: Responses

*Tag, and TBC!*


*Lieutenant Commander Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS Chief Medical
Officer Duronis II Embassy & Support Flotilla*


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