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Rear Admiral Toni Turner - More Q & A

2020-02-19 21:15:06


(( Conference Room 1 Briefing))
Turner: Daroo, somehow you were left off a team, but I would appreciate it =
if you would accompany the Ground team to the Ops Center.

Pandorn: There is something that is puzzling me about this kidnapping. It s=
eems like two separate incidents doesn't it? This might be the Tactical Off=
icer in me, but what if they are linked somehow?

Turner: :: nodding:: Possibly.

Pandorn: We used an inventive diversion to get to Thendara Two and Jorok Th=
ree, maybe they are trying something similar? They will need to go through =
this sector to get to the Typhon Expanse quickly instead of going the long =
way around. I think the hit team is on a suicide mission. :: shudders at th=
e implication::

Turner: I understand, they could be using it as a diversion to pick up the =
ones responsible for the attack on our convey or for some other reason, but=
then it's why we need to go find out.

Alieth: Sir, I suggest the Search Team include a medical officer. :: She dr=
oned. Her voice was as even and unemotional as it had been on sickbay, yet =
it was quieter than it had been before, almost certainly shy :: Given Comma=
nder Teller's physical condition, our lack of knowledge about the CMO's sta=
tus and the likelihood of the team engaging in combat, it is logical that a=
doctor should be present on the team.

Turner: I agree. Until now I hadn't had the chance to access his condition.=
But now that I have, I'll see that you are assigned to that team.

Sirok: Admiral, according to the data I have available the Thor has a Typho=
n Shield that protects it from the temporal anomalies present in the expans=
ion. Also, its quantum engine system is more efficient than the Thunder's,=
=C2=A0 The transporter system is more modern and safer to beam the proto-ma=
tter. If we were on the Thunder we would have to try to replicate the typho=
nic shield.

Turner: :: smiling, impressed by this thoroughness:: Since we have been her=
e, there have been several upgrades to the Thunder's shields and all were t=
ested in the Expanse. And since we don't intend to bean the proto-matter, I=
don't see a problem with the transporter system.

Sirok: One question, sir. Why do you add the A after the name Thunder every=
time it is named? I understand that it is the second of its name and she w=
ill have it because the previous ship will have had a distinguished service=
, but since that ship is probably decommissioned there is no point in addin=
g the "A" to its new iteration every time it is named. It should only be us=
ed when you want to distinguish it specifically from its predecessor. Any o=
ther use is quite illogical and inefficient.

Toni listening for Krindo's explanation, wondering if he knew since he had =
only been with the Embassy a year, that the Thunder_A's predecessor had a v=
ery distinguished service and had been destroyed by the Romulans and parts =
of it that had been strewn across these Embassy grounds now served as memor=
ials to the lives lost in that battle.

Pandorn: Response


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