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Lieutenant Ben Garcia - The secret mod

2020-02-20 21:12:07


(( Hallway after the briefing in the Embassy's Conference Room 1. ))

With questions fielded and boxed away, Teller made the final remarks before=
setting the Inception and Ground teams about their tasks. Brief in hand, B=
en weaved through the smattering of conversations that had grouped around t=
he room. Ben spilled into the corridor with the torrent of officers beelini=
ng it to their duty posts. Back in the conference room, Mitchell got to his=
feet and hurried to catch up to Ben in the hallway.

Mitchell: Hey Garcia, got a quick second?

Garcia: :: Ben raised a hand and smiled in acknowledgement. :: Sure, Sir. :=
: Ben then mumbled, almost to himself. :: Let me just ...

Ben was caught in the tide of officers heading for the various exits and th=
oroughfares. Ben continued walking a few paces and angled himself so that h=
e came to stop against the corridor wall.

Mitchell: :: Catching up. :: Thanks. Just wanted to share a couple of thing=
s with you about the Thunder-A.

Garcia: :: Self-deprecatingly. :: You mean ... don't crash the Major's wing=

Ben smiled and then continued.

Garcia: Hazarding a guess ... there's been some modifications...

Mitchell: Well, being Marines and plus Major Parker, we added more armour a=
nd weaponry, so she's has a bit more mass than the typically Akira. So we h=
ad to add extra thrusters to compensate.

Garcia: :: Laughing at himself. :: Saves me a couple of embarrassing manoeu=
vers figuring it out. :: Ben shifted his weight and bit his lip gently. :: =
She's not as nibble as originally spec'd then?

Mitchell: Yeah, she's not quite got the turning ability of a Defiant or a S=
abre, with that ability to turn inside themselves, but she will turn on a d=
ime now instead of a quarter. And she does a heck of a slide as your spitt=
ing torpedoes.

Ben leant in enthusiastically.

Garcia: Yea - the manoeuver with the Red Star ... :: Ben paused thoughtfull=
y. :: ... using the fighter birds ... :: Ben shook his head in defeat. :: W=
hat was that?

Mitchell: :: Grinning like an idiot with pride. :: Oh the Spitball! That's=
a classic old school move for an Akira class ship. Fire the main torpedoes=
in the sail with the main shuttle bay doors open. As soon as they clear th=
e bow, the fighters just inside the bay fire their micro torps as well. The=
little ones fly faster so they hit first and weaken the shields for the bi=
g boys to pass through. Mixing in phaser fire takes the target's shields do=
wn even faster. Superiority through overwhelming fire power.

Garcia: That was slick. :: Ben shook his head in disbelief at what he'd see=
n. :: Ingenious.
Mitchell: Yup. Wish I could take the credit, but someone thought it up back=
during the Dominion war, probably a moment of extreme desperation. I picke=
d up on the Discovery-A for use at a similar moment.

Garcia: :: Eagerly. :: While I've got you Colonel, is there anything else t=
o know?
Mitchell: Well...there's a few other modifications the Major has put in, in=
cluding one major one, but that's classified uber, uber, uber-secret. I onl=
y know cause of the Red Star mission and he threatened to pound me through =
concrete with his fist if I leaked it. I think it's what he went to talk to=
the Admiral about actually. So if things get tough, :: giving Garcia a dou=
ble wink :: remind her of the Major's special sneak mod.

Ben tapped his nose conspiratorially.

Garcia: Sneak mod. :: Ben smiled. :: Got it.

Mitchell: The rest is mostly stuff to better house Marines like less creatu=
re comforts, more double bunks in quarters, etc. The Thor gets the creature=
comforts, while the Thunder-A is the hard, battle craft.

Garcia: :: Cheekily. :: We'll leave her as we found her, sir.

Mitchell: Ok, safe flying. And no more crashing. Unless it's into that Warb=
ird. Crashing a cruiser or larger into one of those on purpose is allowed. =
:: Grinning again. :: It'll even make you part of a special club.

Ben's cheeks pinched with embarrassment at the Colonels' playful jibe. Ben =
took it on the chin. After all, once the XO got better, Ben knew he'd never=
live it down - landing the shuttle on XO.

Garcia: Copy that Colonel. :: Ben paused and smoothed his stubble. :: Not t=
hat you need, but you know ... good luck. :: Ben gave a sharp nod. :: And t=
hanks ... for the heads up.

With enough said, the two officers headed their separate ways.


Lieutenant Ben Garcia
Second Officer/HCO
Embassy Duronis II - USS Thor NCC-82607
Author ID number: G239102MR0

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