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Rear Admiral Toni Turner - Let\'s Roll!

2020-02-20 21:28:35


(( Bridge - USS Thunder -A))
After the briefing, Toni beamed up to the Thunder. Stepping onto the Bridge=
was like greeting an old friend, only the faces were new. Moving to the ce=
nter chair she smiled at Alex as she sat down.
Turner: :: Engaging the comm:: =/\= ATTENTION ALL departments, report t=
o Lt. Commander Brodie A.S.A.P. Turner out.=/\=

Brodie: Response
Turner: Let me know when everyone has reported.

Brodie: Response
Turner: Garcia, how much longer will you be in pre-flight mode?

Garcia: Response
Taking her usual place halfway between the center chair and helm, Toni stoo=
d waiting to hear that all systems were Go.
oO Hiow many times have I stood right here, not really knowing if my crew =
and I would return to Til'ahn safely. Oo

Brodie: Response
Garcia: Response
Turner: Hella, are the Fireteams at the ready.
Hella: Yes, Ma'am. Always.
Turner: Garcia, Let's Roll!
Soon the Thunder had broken orbit and headed for the Laudean Corridor.'
Turner: Garcia, as soon as we are out of the corridor and into open space, =
engage the QSD. With any luck at all, we'll beat the Warbird there and be s=
et up to observe when it arrives. They may be traveling like a bat out of h=
ell, but our QSD is faster. Alex, I'm going down to engineering. You have t=
he bridge.
Brodie: Response
Entering the turbolift, she requested Engineering. A second or two later, s=
he saw Pandorn and=C2=A0Sirok checking the gages and getting ready to engag=
e the QSD.
Turner: Gentleman, I have a special project for you.

Pandorn/Sirok: Response
Turner: Major Parker told me that the Thunder just happens to have a Klingo=
n cloaking device in the Hive that has not been off-loaded yet. Since we ha=
ve it, I'd like to put it to good use. After the QSD is engaged I'd like yo=
u to set it up for the Thunder. Think you could do that for us?
Pandorn/Sirok: Response
Turner: Good men. Let me know as soon as it's ready. I'll be on the bridge.

Pandorn/Sirok: Response

Rear Admiral Toni TurnerCommanding Officer
Embassy Duronis II USS Thor NCC-82607Author ID: E238209TT0

- Executive Council Member
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"A great leader takes people wherethey don't necessarily want to go,but oug=
ht to be." ~ Roslynn Carter.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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