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PNPC:Petty Off. 1st Una Qualunque: Odds and even (tag any)

2020-05-13 14:28:29


*((Occ: Una is really odd sometimes! Lol)) ((StarBase 118 - Port of
Serenity =E2=80=93 Group sitting at table))*

Casparian: What was that? Did someone just jump into the water? ::stands up
to get a better look::

Kudon: This is just not what I expected my first assignment to be like.

Una: Uh I bet that the water is very cold. I don't really like the =
idea to
have a bath there=E2=80=A6.

Steiger: I'm sure noone here is required to jump into the water. ::Smiles,
shaking his head.::

Bailey: ::Sitting up a little straighter in her chair.:: Oh no=E2=80=A6.

Casparian: Oh, it's two people actually. I wonder what happened, bu=
t they
look like they are fine.

Una: Probably they are having fun there, or is some kind of ritual for a
promotion to Commander rank? Klingons do that sometimes I think!

((Occ like it happened in Generations =F0=9F=98=89 ))

This seemed a very odd statement to Kudon. He was an emotional man, but
still logical.

Kudon: I think it is more likely they had a few too many of the Romulan

Any: ?

Bailey: I don't do well in the water. Us Elaysian's tend to=

Kudon felt somewhat bad for Baily upon hearing this. She wasn't quite
disabled, but surely swimming would be hard with her difficulty around
normal gravity. Was there more to this than just whether Elaysians sink or

Casparian: ::stifles a laugh.:: Forgive my ignorance, Sheila, but do
Elaysians not learn how to swim?

Una: Well I Sink too, like a stone! Especially in sweet water!

Kudon: Sweet Water? ::perplexed questioning tone::

::Una gasped, that guy was inquiring her a bit too much. oO Probably he
think that I'm a dumb! Oo her shoulder went up and down.::

Una: Yeah! Sweet Water, not salty, wait you may call it Fresh Water?
In the place where I live we call it =E2=80=9Csweet=E2=80=9D, cos is warm t=
oo and the sea
water is very fresh, but salty. Ehm! Hakuna Matata!

Bailey: If you say so...oh all right.

Steiger: Looks like the who-goes-into-the-water-first-thing is done
already. ::Laughs happily through his teeth.:: Glad I've armed myself with
proper clothing equipment.

Una: Yeah maybe with proper equipment like a safe rubber dinghy I would go.

Kudon: I assure you, learning to swim is easier than it seems.

::Una felt =E2=80=98watched' by kudon. She didn't even unde=
rstood well if he was a
Vulcan or a Romulan or a mixed humand something..::
Una: an off shore boat, but smaller, I would feel safe on a boat, basically=

Any: ?

Bailey: Your forgiven Romy. We do learn to swim. It's just difficult in
earth like gravity.

Casparian: ::shakes head:: I don't intend to go in the water. The l=
looks=E2=80=A6 deep. I almost dro-- never mind. ::gazes at her glass::

Steiger: ::Squints his eyes while looking at the woman, softly.:: You good
there, Romyana?

Una: How they made an artificial lake like that! It looks=E2=80=A6 real!

Bailey: The Starbase has many unique items and locations.

Kudon: It's because...

Casparian: I think I'll just stay here and grab some food. ::gulps =
down her
drink, nods at the group to signal her leaving and walks off silently::

Steiger: ::Still pointing.:: Looks like the Captain is about to address the
crew. They even hand out towels Lets get over there.

Una: The awards ceremony is ready to begin!

Awards...Kudon would stand out as a newcomer here. But best to be
collegial and respectful. Surely those receiving awards earned them.

Kudon: From what I have heard, you all performed magnificently on the last
mission. I'm sure you deserve recognition.

Bailey: I'm sure you'll get your regonginition as well.

Una: It will be a great ceremony! Look at this place, is awesome!

Any: ?

Kudon: Yes, it is most impressive.

Bailey: I'm going to find a better spot as it seems the award cerem=
ony is
about to start. You folks are welcome to join me.

Una: well as a petty officer I never get anything. Sob! Anyway I don=E2=80=
=99t care
so much as long that I can join the parties. I'll follow you. ::Sh=
e said
to the doctor.::

Kudon/ Steiger / Casparian /Any: ?



Petty Off. 1st Una Qualunque



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