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PNPC LtCmdr Rustyy Hael - try it on (Bailey/Casparian)

2020-05-13 16:11:02


((Starbase 118 - Engineering Lab))


They were good, fun, exciting, got the brain blood pumping and usually had
the added bonus of helping someone out.

And Rustyy loves them. Even more so when he was able to bounce off others::

Hael: Wha' material is bein' used fer the hand hold? A soft=
er metal would
be more fergivin', but'll make it'a bit more easy t=
o break If'n yer to hard
on it.

Bailey: I'm not sure. I never asked when I was given the crutches.

Casparian: Hmm, maybe we could use an alloy instead, take advantage of the
best properties of two metals. A soft bendy material like aluminum and a
strong slightly brittle one like duranium. ::touches lower lip and thinks
for a second:: Or add magnesium to make the whole thing lighter too!

Hael: ::snapped his finger.:: Good idea Cas' - why don' we =
do one'a each.
She can test'em out fer is.

::he glanced at Bailey and shrugged ina ,what do you think? kind of way::

Bailey: That sounds great. I definitely want them light so I can move
faster but not too bendable for when I lean on them. I do sometimes tend to
put all my weight onto my crutches.

Casparian: If that's all for the crutches, then I'll go and=
program the
replicator for the parts. I'll be sure to make them pink, Sheila. :=

Hael: You good? ::he asked as his fellow engineer slipped off.::

Casparian: Oh yes, I've got this. You can go on with the leg braces=
if you like Rustyy.

Hael: Well's I'll work function an' level pretty de=
signin' to ya. ::he
chuckled. To Bailey:: We be gettin' there. ::supportively.::

Bailey: Sounds great. Thanks for all the help. Oh hey would you mind
sending me a copy of the new specs?

Hael: Yea' sure's bu' ya'know it'll=
be =E2=80=98vailable to ya through the
engineerin' computers.

Casparian: Response

Bailey: I want a copy for my record and for future reference. Who knows,
maybe I can help others with these adjustments.

Casparian: Response

Hael: Reckons so ::he smiled, chest puffed up a little.:: I'm=E2=80=
=99a gonna need
to do some leg measurin' =E2=80=98ere -

Bailey: Oh yeah, no problem do you need me to stand up?

Hael: If'n ya can. ::He said as he gathered the measuring tape once=
This measuring tape was a whole lot more precise then what someone could
buy in a hardware store.::

Casparian: Response

Bailey: I could always show you how the whole thing goes together.

Hael: Yea' see all you need to do -

Casparian: Response

::He snapped his fingers again with a big grin, like minds. Maybe they
could make that process easier too.::

Hael: Righ'-o lady. ::to Bailey:: Lemme measure with'em on =
and off. See
wha' difference there be with ev'rythin'

Bailey/Casparian: ?

::He took the measurements as the women chatted about the work, plotting
ideas and getting an overall sense of the work that laid before them. It
felt good to get some things accomplished.::

Hael: Okey dokey - now, why don'cha try on Cas's freshly re=
crutches, eh? Give'em a feel. We gotta know If'n we=E2=80=
=99re goin' in the right
direction an' all'a tha'.

Bailey/Casparian: ?

::He sat at the computer with the generic blueprint and worked to input the
numbers of everything. Meanwhile the Romy worked to help Sheila with fine
tune adjustments.::

Hael: If'n you need any tools - you be findin' them on the =
far side's they
room where them draws be at.

Bailey/Casparian: ?



LtCmdr Rustyy Hael

Chief Engineer
Lieutenant Commander Nijil
First Officer
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