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Pnpc Ltcmdr Rustyy Hael - Under the Water (Blackwell/Foster)

2020-05-13 17:09:01


((Starbase 118 - Holodeck 4))

::The carving was actually pretty good, if not a little macabre. In other
words, it was cool and totally fit. He was a little proud of himself for
finding it. Though he wagered the game helped with that.::

Hael: So it's lookin' the way we gotta go? ::he asked about=
the riddle on
the map.::

Foster: Well, horses don't exactly have fingers now do they?

Blackwell: No, but they will gesture with head and hooves.

Hael: So=E2=80=A6 Hmm we jus' gotta follow it that way?

::Any sarcasm was lost on the simpleton. He was just pleased as punch to be
able to have some down time with friends.::

Foster: yeah it says =E2=80=98the dead horse rock points the way, beside th=
e lagoon
to kneel and pray, into the deep the angels stray, ignite the arch to find
the day.' ::he shook his head:: Fun.

Blackwell: Oh riddles are fantastic. ::It was the usual back and forth. She
was cheerful, he was dry. It was a marvelous flirtation and partnership in
her mind::

::They countered each other - even Rustyy noticed that. Kind of like the
captain and first officer. Only he knew these two better and one of the was
a girl=E2=80=A6. ::

Hael: Lagoon? Hmm ::he paused.:: Wha' you think it all means?

Foster: It sound like we're going swimming.

::Rustyy brought up the rear, almost instinctive as an older brother it
seemed. Plus he didn't want Wyn to get lost=E2=80=A6 they crept up =
on a greenish,
blue=E2=80=A6 pond. Which he assumed was actually called a lagoon.::

Blackwell:: Oh isn't it lovely.

Foster: Oh yeah, no I love swimming. I love it slightly more than I love

Blackwell: Wyn, see it this way - its simply snow in another form.

Hael: There ya go! ::he laughed at the idea that never occurred to him.::
Save fer the fact he didn' grow up with so much snow=E2=80=A6 ::shr=
ugged.:: So=E2=80=A6 now
wha'? Jump in and fig'r it out from there?

Foster: I guess we might be going jungle skivvies after all=E2=80=A6 but fi=
rst we
gotta figure out the pary part of this riddle.

Blackwell::She started take off her shirt, pants and boots, setting her hat
down on the folded clothing. She wore her skivvies that ended up being
rather demure and modest, simple a chemise and some drawers.:: =E2=80=9C We=
part it says - kneel and pray. =E2=80=9C ::She walks towards the pool and k=
pressing her palms together::

::Rustyy flushed a deep shade of red at the sight of Tue jumping out of her
clothes. He hadn't expected that.. he tried to look everywhere but =

He then noticed - out of the corner of his eye of course, because he
totally wasn't peaking- she was on her knees in front of the water,=
getting in yet.::

Hael: Uh=E2=80=A6 rue? ::he toned held all the question.::

Blackwell: I'm praying, to see if the God will reveal the way to th=
particular angel.

Hael: ::he looked at Wyn and shrugged.:: Weird ::he snickered.::


Hael: Wells=E2=80=A6 find sumthin' yet?


Blackwell: Oh my, there we are - it's the arch. ::She looked to the=
gentleman:: Does anyone have matches?

Hael: Uuuuuuum=E2=80=A6. ::he patted himself down.:: Yes!

::He pulled them out of small side bag and handed them to her.::


Blackwell: Well, some of the clothing we wear is presumably water proof -
bit of a swim, see what is there on the arch=E2=80=A6and light the way and =
where it takes us.

Hael: You thinkin' we gonna swim from there or is it jus' a=
nother clue?


::He nodded. If they all didn't have to go in right away just to ge=
t out=E2=80=A6
Plus Wyns clothes didn't seem favorable to swim in. He could always=
jump in
after They figured out the clue.::

Blackwell: Well, c'mon then. Time to swim!

Hael: I'll go, toss me them matches when I ge' close. ::he =
said to Wyn.
Also handing him the satchel.::

::He looked at Wyn, shrugged and jumped in. It would dry eventually after
all. The water was warm=E2=80=A6 weird. Anytime he swam it was ice cold wat=
er or
boiling springs. This was some Luke warm, someone just peed kind of water.

Rustyy grimaced.::

Hael: Ain' horrible=E2=80=A6 ::he tried to smile through the weird =

Blackwell/Foster: ?

Hael: Yep, I see it. Come'on breathin' translator ::he chuc=
kled at Rue.::

::The water got deep enough Rustyy's short legs didn't reac=
h anymore. He
swam a bit aways, more of an awkward doggie paddle. When they reached the
arch, with was just as gothic in design, Rustyy felt a pull on his legs.
Not like hand grabby kind of feeling - if it was that he'd have flo=
wn out.
More like an undercurrent.::

Blackwell/Foster: ?

Hael: Yea' I feels it too - lookin' like ya gotta get in wi=
th us Wynnie.

Blackwell/Foster: ?

::once Wyn was in the water, the satchel now wet as well as everything
else, save for what was in a dry box, they gathered together at the arch
where the water pulled at them. Rustyy was elated at the thrill, Rus not
far behind. Wyn looked ready to dry heave some more.::

Hael: Righty =E2=80=98ere we go -

Blackwell/Foster: ?

::he took a deep breath and fully submerged. He let the undercurrent pull
at him, using his hands as guides to just not hit anything hard.::

((Ooc feel free to Timeskip ahead a bit!))



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