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Lt. JG Sheila Bailey - The Winner Takes It All Part 2 - (Tag: ANY/FAO ALL)

2020-05-13 21:25:09


((OOC: Cutting things a bit short in this part so that I can get on to
mission stuff when that comes out)).

((Starbase 118 - Port of Serenity))

Taybrim: Next I'd like to do some recognition for those crew member=
s who
made decisive diplomatic inroads with our Klingon allies or helped to
apprehend an informant for necessary intel. To start I'd like to ha=
Commander Nijil join me.

Nijil nodded and moved towards the front, chin up. Bailey herself even sat
a little taller in her chair. She was a mixed bag of emotions at the
thought of the crew getting the recognition that they deserve. Not only was
she happy for them, they had worked hard, but was also anxious for herself.
She could see herself becoming someone who didn't want recognition =
for her
work, she simply did it. However any good captain would want to recognize
any square inch of good honest work that they could. A captain should be
proud of their crew. And yes Sheila was proud of her work but it was just
that simply her work.

As awards were given Sheila sat tall making sure she had a smile on her
face and her hands ready for appropriate clapping. She was happy for
everyone. They certainly deserved their awards much more than she would if
she ever got one. It was at that that she was broken from her thoughts by
the captain calling her name.

((Small Time Skip))

Taybrim: Next could I please have Lieutenant Bailey join us?

Bailey: I'm honored?

Her face was starting to turn a little red as she moved the wheels of her
chair, working through her shoulders, to roll over to the front closer to
Sal. On the inside she was rather shocked for any recognition. She could
almost hear what her uncle would say, thankfully she was cut off from such
thought by the captain once more.

Taybrim: Lieutenant, you acted bravely on the away team and worked to
protect the life of your fellow crew member Rebecca Owens after injury.
Your quick thinking and actions in support of your team helped make sure
your team and the informant stayed safe. For this I recognize you with the
Good Conduct awards.

Bailey: Thank you sir. oO Just doing my job Oo

Nijil: Good work Lieutenant.

Galven: Very well deserved, Sheila.

Sheila gave German a kind look as Sal motioned for her to stay at the
front. At such things all she could manage was to smile at the crowd before
smiling up at Sal himself.

Taybrim: Doctor Foster has also noted you have been developing strong
skills as a medical officer and under his recommendation I would like to
offer you the opportunity to expand those skills as Assistant Chief Medical
officer of StarBase 118 Ops.

There was an audible gasp that came from German and clasped his hands
together with excitement. Sheila really did deserve that as well as it was
a long time coming for her. Sheila's eyes locked for a second with =
She imagined that her face looked a bit blank to him.

Bailey: I don't know what to say. Thank you? I won't let yo=
u down?

Taybrim: Certainly, Lieutenant. ::he smiled:: Thank you so much for your
hard work.

All she could do was nodd.

Nijil: Well deserved. ::he nodded to her again before she left.::

Galven: ::walks up to her:: You earned that, Lieutenant. You've bas=
already have been filling in that role. Optimism! ::dons his signature wide
Denobulan grin::

She had moved back to her spot in the front when German walked over to her.
The smile he gave, even if quite big, was a welcomed one. It was a kind
smile, Sheila was quite fond of said smile.

Bailey: Thank you ever so much.

With all that Sheila went back to her quiet yet appropriate congratulations
for the other award recipients. She was proud for each and every one of
them, including herself as the awards went on.

Sheila was not mad or shocked when Stendhal moved over to counselor. She
was more upset that she would feel a need, eventually, to tell this woman
what had happened. She was sure that she would need another counseling
session at some point. As another shocker with everything that her uncle
had done she did overall feel more comfortable talking to a male about such
things. But with Malko taking a short leave of absence Stendhal did deserve
the slight department change; Bailey was happy for her on that alone. It
would however take a few moments for her to get comfortable with a new

In the end Sheila was definitely proud of each and every member of the
crew. She was a part of something great, something that was getting greater
and better as the months went on. The crew was certainly becoming a family.
Sure Sheila had been thinking that for a while but the more she did the
more real it became. I was a family that made each other stronger, not
weaker like an enemy would.


*Lieutenant JG** Sheila Bailey *

*Medical Officer*

*Starbase 118 Ops*


"Ta-er al-Safar" - the Canary; No woman should ever suffer at the hands of
men - (Quotes) Sara Lance; Legends Of Tomorrow

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