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Lt. JG Sheila Bailey - The Winner Takes It All Part 1- (Tag: FAO ALL)

2020-05-13 21:23:12


((Starbase 118 - Port of Serenity))

Taybrim: I wanted to thank you all for gathering tonight, it is wonderful
to be able to take some time and just relax and enjoy some of the beautiful
vistas this starbase has to offer. ::He smiled easily at the crew.:: I have
enjoyed getting a chance to talk to everyone and I hope we can spend more
times like this together in the future. But, to start off I would like to
give everyone some updates on our crew and welcome some new faces onboard.
First I would like to share a fond farewell, but not goodbye from
Lieutenants Termine and Malko =E2=80=93 both officers have been chosen by S=
Command for a special diplomatic first contact conference in the Shoals.
This is a fantastic opportunity for the both of them and their diplomatic
skills will be sharpened, but they regretted they could not be here tonight
and wanted me to pass on their best wishes. Certainly we hope those
negotiations will not take too long and we hope to be able to celebrate
together again, soon.

Bailey wished the two of them well. She had had some experience in the
Shoals so knew at least some of what they would face. She shuddered at the
thought. Her time out there wasn't necessarily the happiest.

Taybrim: I want to give some formal welcomes to our new crew members. I
know some of you joined us fairly early on in our mission, others are more
recent arrivals, but I am glad that each and every one of you are with us.
So, to start, please welcome back Lt Commander Arturo Maxwell, our Chief of
Tactical. ::he grinned:: I'm thrilled to have you back with us, Max=

Sheila didn't know Max well but she was glad nonetheless that he wa=
s back
with the crew.

Casparian: Welcome. ::smiles at the man that donned a dark haired trimmed

Galven: Great to have you back, Commander!

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Taybrim: Next, please welcome Ensign Charlotte DeBarres, who joins our
security department!

The woman fought back a blush and came forward a bit. She nodded to
everyone. Her hair was still wet and the dress was hanging on her like a
drape. So it was this Charlotte woman that had jumped into the water.
Bailey only hoped that she was a better security officer than she seemed to
be swimmer.

DeBarres: Great to be here. Thanks.

Casparian: Welcome. ::smiles at the short woman with jet black hair.::

DeBarres stayed up at the front for a few moments before fading gracefully
into the crowd. Bailey knew what it was like to have people stare at you so
she was more than sure this woman didn't want that kind of attentio=

As she passed Bailey gave her a quiet congratulations.

Bailey: Congratulations.

Taybrim: Next we have not one, but two fantastic engineers from the
StarBase 118 academy Campus. I believe many of you are already acquainted
with both, but I would like to extend a formal welcome to Ensign Romyana
Casparian and Ensign Kudon!

Casparian: Thank you, Captain. ::directs her words to the crew members
around her:: I'm happy with being given the opportunity to contribu=
te to
the Starbase's Ops team. I'm glad to be here.

Kudon: ::Stands up straight.::Thank you sir for the kind welcome. I wish to
express to all of you that I look forward to working with all of you, and
especially if we have not yet met, I look forward to getting to know all of
you better. ::sitting back down formally::

Casparian: Welcome. ::nods at Kudon.::

Galven: Nicely said. We're happy to have you both as well.

Bailey: Welcome. We're happy to have you join the family.

Taybrim: Also, please extend a warm welcome to Ensign Tobias Steiger,
another top of his class cadet from Starfleet Academy. Ensign Steiger joins
us in the Science department =E2=80=93 welcome onboard!

Steiger: Thank you for the warm greeting, Captain. ::Smiles wide before
turning to the crew, waving with one hand.:: I'm looking forward to meeting
you all. Today is the perfect time for that. Between all the food, drink,
fire and water. ::The smile grows even more wider.:: Let's get along and do
some great work together!

Casparian: Welcome. ::nods at Steiger.::

Galven: More science officers, the better is what I always say! ::takes a
sip:: That's actually the only time I've said that.

Sheila almost laughed then at what German said. He was always a bit of an
oddball but no more than some others. Waving the notion aside Sheila gave a
light bit of clapping for all the new members.

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Taybrim: And last, but certainly not least, please welcome Marine Captain
Luthas, who joins our crew and the 292nd Iron Jaegers as a support marine
officer. I am certain his unique skills will be crucial in the missions
ahead. Welcome onboard, Captain!

Casparian: Welcome. ::smiles at the tall muscular Vulcan man.::

Sheila clapped once again.

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Taybrim: Again, if any of you have not had the opportunity to introduce
yourselves to our newest crew, please take that opportunity tonight. And
welcome onboard everyone!

Galven: Cheers to the new officers! ::raises his glass, then drinks::

Not having any drink to raise Sheila herself went on clapping instead. It
was wonderful to have new members. The crew was always changing, staying no
less of a family. And to Sheila that's all that mattered.

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