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Fleet Captain Taybrim - Into the Dark of the Cult (Tags: ALL)

2020-05-13 21:22:37


((Briefing Room =E2=80=93 The Hub =E2=80=93 StarBase 118))

::Sal had called the meeting in the large conference room behind the hub - =
the bridge of the StarBase. It was large, official and easy to access=
, as well as being one of the most secure conference locations on the Starb=

Whether or not his crew was aware of this, they were about to get into some=
startlingly confidential conversations.

The typical array of hot beverages and pastries were available for the earl=
y morning briefing, catered in hot and fresh from the shops of the StarBase=
promenade. The mood was good, Everyone was relaxed and unless anyone=
had made a poor decision the night before everyone had access to a good ni=
ght's sleep.

Sal's expression was sober. Not jovial like the party but not=
grave, either. Professional, calm, businesslike. They had busi=
ness to attend to. He welcomed the crew as they entered and waved the=
m towards the food and beverages letting everyone chatter and settle down b=
efore he called the meeting to order.::

Taybrim: Thank you all for joining me today. As many of you may have =
guessed our new mission builds directly off the work we recently completed =
with our Klingon allies and the information we were able to gather. I=
want to give a brief overview of the sector and the elements we are workin=
g with for out newest crew. However=E2=80=A6

::He paused and tapped a series of codes and a security field flashed aroun=
d the corners of the room. The viewscreen was darkened and for anyone=
familiar with anti-intelligence technology they would recognize filters th=
at protected the room from eavesdropping.::

Taybrim: I must let you all know that the information we are about to discu=
ss is sensitive and classified. It is to remain confidential between =
those in this room and only others who are on a need to know basis. I=
f anyone has any objection to this please let me know, now and I will make =
sure you are safely reassigned to non-critical duties.

::He was quite serious about this. His dark eyes fell upon each of th=
e gathered in turn.::

Any: ?

((OOC =E2=80=93 if your character would protest IC you can certainly do so =
=E2=80=93 if that happens we'll roleplay that in a separate sim fro=
m here.))

::As those who agreed settled, Sal Taybrim punched one last command button:=

Taybrim: Security lockdown Taybrim one-five.

::The security fields flared and then dimmed, It was very quiet all o=
f a sudden as the hum of the StarBase machinery was dampened by the privacy=

Oh yes, stuff just got serious.::

Taybrim: ::He spoke in calm, even tones as he address the crew, again fixin=
g his gaze on each and every one of them in turn.:: The reason we are takin=
g such precautions is because the matter we are dealing with is one of dipl=
omatic delicacy and there are criminal elements that actively want to see u=
s fail in this. I will start with an overview.

::He pushed forward a set of PADDs that were disconnected from the main fra=
me for security purposes.::

Taybrim: The information you are seeing is a loose explanation about the Cu=
lt of Molor. They are a Klingon-based cult that worships the teaching=
s of Molor over Kahless, whom they view as a traitor and a usurper. T=
heir doctrine includes the belief that truth lies in pain, striking from th=
e shadows is wise and that the strong must be dominated. In general i=
t is a perversion of the typical Klingon culture you are aware of. Sp=
ecifically the Cult of Molor as it stands today seeks to destabilize the Kl=
ingon Empire though assassination of key members of the High Council as wel=
l as inciting a Klingon Civil war, propelled by bioweaponry to enact a coup=
and seize power.

::He paused long enough for everyone to digest that.::

Taybrim: Now you may be asking, why are the Klingons not directly dealing w=
ith this =E2=80=93 and why haven't they already acted. Excell=
ent questions. The answer is a bit more complicated, but in general t=
he Klingons are also stubborn and most do not see a dingy old cult to be an=
actual threat. And they don't want to believe that the cult =
spans far beyond only Klingon support. However we have uncovered =E2=
=80=93 and recently communicated =E2=80=93 a strong connection between the =
Orion Syndicate and the Cult of Molor. Simply put the Syndicate seeks=
to profit from war and is bolstering the cult to incite war so they can st=
ep in and make a fat profit from weapons dealing.

::Again he let that sink in and paused long enough for questions.::

Any: ?

Taybrim: ::He nodded slowly:: This is where it gets sticky. The Cult =
of Molor has support from those far outside its membership, even if that=E2=
=80=99s only support in turning a blind eye to a specific report or funneli=
ng a bit of money or a freighter in a specific direction to be raided.=C2=
=A0 ::His tone was sober and slowly turned dark.:: This includes supp=
ort from inside the Federation from individuals who would like to see the K=
lingon Empire be hurt by a civil war. As much as we would like to thi=
nk everyone has moved past old prejudices, our sources and information clea=
rly show that some have not. So the Cult is receiving support from a =
wide range of underground allies.

Any: ?

Taybrim: One of the main weapons the cult has is a compound called silicon =
platinochloride. It is an airborne toxin that destroys the blood vess=
els in a carbon based lifeform. While it is harmful and easily deadly=
to all species it is especially lethal to Klingons. This toxin goes =
by the street name of =E2=80=98Death Fog' and it has been smuggled =
into Klingon Space by the cult. We recently successfully tested a pro=
totype scrubbing robot that will remove this toxin from the air and have be=
en hard at work replicating them. We had hoped to have all of the scr=
ubbers in place before the cult was alerted, but it seems they have some so=
urce of intel that prompted them to make a first move.

::Again he let that sink in, there was a summary of the information on the =

Taybrim: At 0427 hours yesterday we received a coded message from one of ou=
r allies in the Klingon empire that Captain Lofsha of the House of Dempok w=
as captured along with her warbird in a most dishonorable sneak attack whil=
e the IKW qulCha'par was on routine patrol. Their systems were blacke=
d out with an electromagnetic pulse that reacted with the nebulaic gases an=
d all seventeen members of the crew were taken alive. Six hours later=
the cult issued a list of demands designed to manipulate our allies in the=
Empire into what amounts to political suicide. They are under the sp=
otlight, but we have the ability to act.

::And there it was. They were taking a starship into the nebula to st=
ealth through unclaimed territory to a hidden planet to rescue some hostage=
s and hopefully destroy the cult's weapon caches along the way.::

Any: ?

Taybrim: Our destination is Vankoth II, an old Klingon military base from t=
he Romulan-Klingon conflict. The Klingon Military pulled out decades =
ago after the neutral zones were established. We're not sure =
when the cult moved in, but they've certainly laid claim to the pla=
ce. We'll be taking the USS Narendra close to the destination=
and using a salvaged Klingon shuttlecraft to approach. Vankoth II is=
a weapons cache for the cult, and intel indicates it is also a storage are=
a for Death Fog.

Any: ?

Taybrim: We have three main goals. First is to rescue the hostages.=
Second is to neutralize the Death Fog and third is to destroy the st=
olen weapons. Commander Nijil will be leading away team one with the =
goal of retrieving the hostages.

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Commander McLaren, Marine Captain Luthas, Lieutenant Stendhal and =
Ensign deBarres will be working with Commander Nijil on this team.

McLaren/Luthas/Stendhal/deBarres: ?

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Again your goal is to safely extract Captain Lofsha and the sixtee=
n crew of the qulCha'par. Lofsha is not aware of Starfleet's =
hand in this, but is aware of the cult and has a background in border negot=
iations. She should be willing to help you if you can convince her th=
at your presence and actions benefit her and her crew.

McLaren/Luthas/Stendhal/deBarres: ?

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Second is to cleanse or eradicate the stores of Death Fog. C=
ommander Galven will be lead for this mission.

Galven: ?

Taybrim: You will be using Taelon's design to help you complete the=
scrubbing and you'll have to be careful in getting close enough to=
release the robots. Ensigns Taelon, Steiger, Kudon and Lieutenant Ba=
iley will be on this team.

Taelon/Steiger/Kudon/Bailey: ?

Galven: ?

Taybrim: yes, you will also be headed to the surface of Valkoth II. T=
he scans and fuzzy schematics Starfleet intel was able to gather will be av=
ailable to both ground teams.

Taelon/Steiger/Kudon/Bailey: ?

Galven: ?

Taybrim: Last, but certainly not least, the rest of us will stay on the USS=
Narendra. We have two primary goals =E2=80=93 defend against any shi=
ps that may be in the area and locate their weapons cache to be able to cap=
ture or destroy it. That means Commander Maxwell, Lieutenant Blackwel=
l, and Ensign Casparian =E2=80=93 you're all with me.

Maxwell/Casparian/Blackwell: ?

Taybrim: We will launch the USS Narendra in two hours, but we will have sev=
enteen hours before we reach our destination. That should give each t=
eam enough time to convene, place and still be freshly rested for the missi=
on. Are there any last questions?

Any: ?

OOC =E2=80=93 team leaders, please gather your teams for new sets of tags o=
n the USS Narendra for planning!

Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim
Commanding Officer
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