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Lt. Blackwell: Cave Diving. ((Hael/Foster))

2020-05-13 23:04:25


*((Starbase 118 - Holodeck 4))*

::To say that Rue was not shy was an understatement. Rue was more
comfortable than most with being nude, and in this case, she was being
modest by remaining in the period appropriate clothing of a chemise and
longer drawers that were made of a fine satin with lace::

Hael: Uh=E2=80=A6 rue? ::he toned held all the question.::

Blackwell: I'm praying, to see if the God will reveal the way to th=
particular angel. ::She said matter of factly with that British Aussie

Hael: ::he looked at Wyn and shrugged.:: Weird ::he snickered.::


Hael: Wells=E2=80=A6 find sumthin' yet?


Blackwell: Oh my, there we are - it's the arch. ::She looked to the=
gentleman:: Does anyone have matches?

Hael: Uuuuuuum=E2=80=A6. ::he patted himself down.:: Yes!

::He pulled them out of small side bag and handed them to her.::


Blackwell: Well, some of the clothing we wear is presumably water proof -
bit of a swim, see what is there on the arch=E2=80=A6and light the way and =
where it takes us.

Hael: You thinkin' we gonna swim from there or is it jus' a=
nother clue?


::She huffed to the two of them. She had a feeling that where they needed
to go was across the lake, so while Wyn looked a bit reticent to swim in
his clothing, she shook her head at both of them.

Blackwell: Well, c'mon then. Time to swim!

Hael: I'll go, toss me them matches when I ge' close. ::he =
said to Wyn.
Also handing him the satchel.::

::He looked at Wyn, shrugged and jumped in. It would dry eventually after
all. The water was warm=E2=80=A6 weird. Anytime he swam it was ice cold wat=
er or
boiling springs. This was some Luke warm, someone just peed kind of water.

Rustyy grimaced.::

Hael: Ain' horrible=E2=80=A6 ::he tried to smile through the weird =

Blackwell: Well, I'd be careful=E2=80=A6there could be an undercurr=
ent. Let me come
with you.

Blackwell/Foster: ?

Hael: Yep, I see it. Come'on breathin' translator ::he chuc=
kled at Rue.::

::Rue jumped into the water and went smoothly through the water. She
enjoyed the feel of the water, though it was warm. When they reached the
arch, she paused as she felt a pull beneath her::

Blackwell: Rustyy do you feel that?

Blackwell/Foster: ?

Hael: Yea' I feels it too - lookin' like ya gotta get in wi=
th us Wynnie.

Blackwell::She flashed a sympathetic look towards Wyn:: I promise, it=E2=80=
=99s not

Blackwell/Foster: ?

::It was a moment when Wyn joined them and they bobbed for a moment. She
looked to Rustyy expecantly::

Hael: Righty =E2=80=98ere we go -

Blackwell: She nodded and would take a deep breath, diving down::

Foster: ?

::The water was clear beneath the surface, clearer than anything she could
have imagined. However, they still had to be cautious. She made sure that
Wyn was doing alright, looking behind her and seeking to guide. She knew
even within the holosim, her lungs would respond negatively to a
deprivation of oxygen and so haste was needed. She pushed down and down
searching the rocks. She was frustrated by feeling a small hole=E2=80=A6a p=
where the undercurrent lead, but nothing there they could pass through. She
then looked to Hael and Foster and pointed back up to the surface::

Blackwell: I think there is another step. ::She tried to balance herself on
the rock side near the arch and searched it for a moment and was rewarded
when she saw something that look curiously like a place to burn a small
candle, or a torch. She looked to them:: hand me the dry box with the
matches in it.

::It was a bit of a struggle, but soon the dry box was produced and she set
it on a ledge near the arch where everything could be held out of the
water. She pulled out the matches and her dry shirt, ripping it a bit into
a sort of kindling.::

Blackwell: I=E2=80=A6think you might prepare yourselves =E2=80=A6just in ca=

Foster/Hael: ?

Blackwell: I=E2=80=A6have a theory that this arch is a trigger for a door=
=E2=80=A6it's how
it works in stories like this. Ergo=E2=80=A6if I'm right, we may be=
in for a ride.
::She tried to keep it light and refreshing, knowing that likely, the
andorian was not too comforted by her words. Then again, it would make for
interesting dinner conversation:: Deep breath now.

She took a moment and looked at the arch again, and noticed that there was
a strange dust in a small hole. She then managed to light the shirt and set
the fire into the hole and for a moment, nothing=E2=80=A6.

And then there was a rumble=E2=80=A6..

And then seconds it was a rushing drop as something beneath them opened and
they were swept into the current at a rapid pace, under the water. She felt
herself struggle a bit, and tried to grasp for both Wyn and Rustyy'=
s hands
as she felt a sense of panic out of now where, having to remind herself it
was a sim.

And then it was suddenly over as they came against a shore of black sand,
and the water receeded. It took a moment for her senses to connect that she
could breath again, coughing water a bit as some had gone up her nose. She
looked up and to the two and gasped, pulling out the map again from her
pack, glad that the program had decided to make it water proof.::

Hael/Foster: ?

Blackwell: Well, That's a relief=E2=80=A6..the map makes more sense=

Hael/Foster: ?

Blackwell: Well there - was- this little bit here that looked like it was
going downward but didn't detail for some waves. Well, I =
guess we
found the waves!

::She smirked a bit and as they all started to gather themselves together,
she took a moment to wring out here hair and things, and at least put back
on her pants and boots::

((Time skip?))

The Underground cave was remarkably open and what Rue found fascinating was
the bioluminescent algae within the black sand of the cave. It was revealed
to the surface with every step and gave the cave a blue dream like feel.
Eyes skin and eyes were particularly highlighted by the added strange
light. She smiled to Rustyy, grinning at how his eyes were reflecting the
light as well:

Following the map into one of the tunnels, there was an additional note of
greenish crystals, and she considered::

Hael/Foster: ?

Blackwell: Hidden sun, now I do wonder what this means.

Hael/Foster: ?

Blackwell: Well the picture - literally- is of a sun, but its strange=E2=80=
trailed off a bit and paused as she noticed a sudden yellow glow ahead::
=E2=80=A6Or perhaps it's actually literal.

Creeping forward quietly, she saw the room go from blue and green to bright
bright yellow.

The Cave once again opened and it was a scene right out of a pulp fiction
novel where the explorers discovered an ancient ruin. Meticulously carved
into the rocks of the cave were several hundred arches, all like the one
they had seen, running along the walls and upward. Stairs were carved into
the floor, and downward was a pedestal where a huge, magnificently carved
crystal sun was poised.::

Blackwell: Well=E2=80=A6I would say=E2=80=A6that is indeed a Hidden Sun=E2=
=80=A6but how is it

Hael/Foster: ?

Blackwell::she rolled her yes:: Yes, it is a holo sim, but it has to have
rules, right?

Hael/Foster: ?

*Lt. Prudence Blackwell*

*Starbase 118 OPS*


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