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Lt.Cdr. Arturo Maxwell - Not just back, but Back back (NT)

2020-05-14 02:09:36


((Port of Serenity. Starbase 118.))

Having liberated a drink from the bar, he'd stepped away slightly to take a=
call from Erin.

She was heading home carrying an exhausted Milly instead of coming down to =
meet him. And so he'd wished them both a good night, along with a promise o=
f breakfast out at Freya's in the morning.

As the video-link on his PADD faded, he tucked the device into its pouch on=
his belt before sliding back to the party. He intended to set himself up o=
ut on the wing as a quiet observer of the evenings goings on.

He wasn't due to receive anything but he had a feeling that Sal would want =
to formally announce his return.

As he slid into postion, it turned out to be just in time.

Taybrim: -So, to start, please welcome back Lt Commander Arturo Maxwell, ou=
r Chief of Tactical. ::he grinned:: I'm thrilled to have you back w=
ith us, Max!

Zing! There it was.

Maxwell: Couldnae be happier tae be back, captain!

He tilted his glass to Sal, and cast his eyes about the faces that turned h=
is way, offering a smile as he did so.

Casparian: Welcome. ::A smile.::

Galven: Great to have you back, Commander!

He returned the two direct greetings, before finding himself a bar-type sto=
ol to perch on. Being clad in a kilt as he was, he was careful to contain h=
is modesty as he got comfy.

As he listened to Sal dish out well-earned recognition he applauded alongsi=
de the others. It was a strange feeling, and it reminded him of the first t=
ime he had attended one of the Captains awards parties. He knew the awards =
were well-deserved and yet =E2=80=93 just as then =E2=80=93 he had no idea =
beyond Sal's few words as to what had merited their award. For such a short=
space of time away, he felt oddly out of place.

New crew had arrived and faced danger with old hands, and now held a bond c=
reated through shared hardship. He himself held many such bonds with many o=
f the crew, and yet, he held zero such connections to their newest comrades=
. It made for a strange kind of danger-triangle.

He watched as clusters of conversation began to naturally form, whilst he s=
tayed put. He was too preoccupied with thoughts of his father to be his usu=
al partyboy self. William was ill, no doubt it, but he was in the best plac=
e and being taken good care of. But still, Max felt it would be unfair to d=
ampen a joyful evening with his unintentional melancholy. He sat quietly, e=
njoying the sight of laughing, smiling faces and the sounds of warm convers=
ation and laughter. When a drinking game started at one of the tables and d=
rew most of the attention, he silently slid from the his perch and slid awa=
y into the evening.


Lieutenant-Commander Arturo Maxwell.

Chief Tactical Officer.

Starbase 118 Operations.


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