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Ensign Steiger - Cult Fanatics (Any | Briefing)

2020-05-14 07:18:47


*((Briefing Room =E2=80=93 The Hub =E2=80=93 StarBase 118))*
Fleet Commander Sal Tabyrim had called the meeting in the large conference
room behind the hub - the bridge of the StarBase. Steiger noticed that it
was large, official and easy to access, as well as being one of the most
secure conference locations on the Starbase. The typical array of hot
beverages and pastries were available for the early morning briefing,
catered in hot and fresh from the shops of the StarBase promenade. The
Captains expression was sober. Not jovial like the party but not grave,
either. Professional, calm, businesslike. As if they had business to
attend to. Still, Steiger managed to get himself a coffee before sitting
down somewhere random in the room.

Taybrim: Thank you all for joining me today. As many of you may have
guessed our new mission builds directly off the work we recently completed
with our Klingon allies and the information we were able to gather. I want
to give a brief overview of the sector and the elements we are working with
for out newest crew. However=E2=80=A6

The Captain paused and tapped a series of codes and a security field
flashed around the corners of the room. The viewscreen was darkened and
some filters tuned on. Steiger was familiar with the anti-intelligence
protocols around Starfleet, but never had the need for them until now. This
is going to be interesting.

Taybrim: I must let you all know that the information we are about to
discuss is sensitive and classified. It is to remain confidential between
those in this room and only others who are on a need to know basis. If
anyone has any objection to this please let me know, now and I will make
sure you are safely reassigned to non-critical duties.

Maxwell: My turn tae stay behind and make the tea, aye?

Steiger just nodded, not raising his voice at all. He could feel the
growing tension in the room, and he was certainly contributing to it
himself. The Words of his Chief Tactical Officer didn't really reach him.
With not saying anything at all himself, he din't object to anything and
the Captain moved on. With punching some random button.

Any: ?

Taybrim: Security lockdown Taybrim one-five.

Privacy fields flared up around them. Stuff got serious quite fast. He sat
upright and listened to the captain, attentivly.

Taybrim: ::He spoke in calm, even tones as he address the crew, again
fixing his gaze on each and every one of them in turn.:: The reason we are
taking such precautions is because the matter we are dealing with is one of
diplomatic delicacy and there are criminal elements that actively want to
see us fail in this. I will start with an overview.

Steiger grabbed one of the PADDs the Captain just handed out his crew
alongside the explanation.

Taybrim: The information you are seeing is a loose explanation about the
Cult of Molor. They are a Klingon-based cult that worships the teachings
of Molor over Kahless, whom they view as a traitor and a usurper. Their
doctrine includes the belief that truth lies in pain, striking from the
shadows is wise and that the strong must be dominated. In general it is a
perversion of the typical Klingon culture you are aware of. Specifically
the Cult of Molor as it stands today seeks to destabilize the Klingon
Empire though assassination of key members of the High Council as well as
inciting a Klingon Civil war, propelled by bioweaponry to enact a coup and
seize power.

While the Captain talked, Steiger took the opportunity to read along on his
super secret PADD that he was just handed out. All this is something he had
to memorize to the letter. He tried to ignore his dry mouth - this is some
serious business. Assassination, war, bio-weapons, coup. And the four words
alone are hard to swallow.

Taybrim: Now you may be asking, why are the Klingons not directly dealing
with this =E2=80=93 and why haven't they already acted. Excellent =
questions. The
answer is a bit more complicated, but in general the Klingons are also
stubborn and most do not see a dingy old cult to be an actual threat. And
they don't want to believe that the cult spans far beyond only Klin=
support. However we have uncovered =E2=80=93 and recently communicated =E2=
=80=93 a strong
connection between the Orion Syndicate and the Cult of Molor. Simply put
the Syndicate seeks to profit from war and is bolstering the cult to incite
war so they can step in and make a fat profit from weapons dealing.

Kudon: Captain, if I does this involve the Federation? Thus far
it sounds, as awful as this Cult of Molor is, like an internal Klingon

Any: ?

Taybrim: ::He nodded slowly:: This is where it gets sticky. The Cult of
Molor has support from those far outside its membership, even if that=E2=80=
only support in turning a blind eye to a specific report or funneling a bit
of money or a freighter in a specific direction to be raided. ::His tone
was sober and slowly turned dark.:: This includes support from inside the
Federation from individuals who would like to see the Klingon Empire be
hurt by a civil war. As much as we would like to think everyone has moved
past old prejudices, our sources and information clearly show that some
have not. So the Cult is receiving support from a wide range of
underground allies.

Galven: And yet, the Cult doesn't have us to support them. They=E2=
=80=99ll get
what's due to them.

Steiger: Still, that Syndicate is a thing that amplifies the threat by
quite the margin. But we'll manage.

Any: ?

Taybrim: One of the main weapons the cult has is a compound called silicon
platinochloride. It is an airborne toxin that destroys the blood vessels
in a carbon based lifeform. While it is harmful and easily deadly to all
species it is especially lethal to Klingons. This toxin goes by the street
name of =E2=80=98Death Fog' and it has been smuggled into Klingon S=
pace by the
cult. We recently successfully tested a prototype scrubbing robot that
will remove this toxin from the air and have been hard at work replicating
them. We had hoped to have all of the scrubbers in place before the cult
was alerted, but it seems they have some source of intel that prompted them
to make a first move.

Looking up, Steiger noticed that his Commander glanced over to the freshly
minted Ensign. Steiger followed his eyes. The last time they talked, he
still was some sort of civilian. Was Taelon somehow responsible for the
mentioned scrubbing robot? If so, the man did good.

Taybrim: At 0427 hours yesterday we received a coded message from one of
our allies in the Klingon empire that Captain Lofsha of the House of Dempok
was captured along with her warbird in a most dishonorable sneak attack
while the IKW qulCha'par was on routine patrol. Their systems were blacked
out with an electromagnetic pulse that reacted with the nebulaic gases and
all seventeen members of the crew were taken alive. Six hours later the
cult issued a list of demands designed to manipulate our allies in the
Empire into what amounts to political suicide. They are under the
spotlight, but we have the ability to act.

Steiger grinned, shaking his head. There was no such thing as a honorable
sneak attack on anything.

Maxwell: We... ::He coughed to clear his dry throat.:: Excuse me. We have a
destination, captain?

Any: ?

Taybrim: Our destination is Vankoth II, an old Klingon military base from
the Romulan-Klingon conflict. The Klingon Military pulled out decades ago
after the neutral zones were established. We're not sure when the =
moved in, but they've certainly laid claim to the place. We=E2=80=
=99ll be taking
the USS Narendra close to the destination and using a salvaged Klingon
shuttlecraft to approach. Vankoth II is a weapons cache for the cult, and
intel indicates it is also a storage area for Death Fog.

Galven: Which sounds like might be the main production facility for the
poisonous gas.

Steiger: If this turns out to be true, we will have to disrupt the
production in such a way that it is permanently useless.

Any: ?

Taybrim: We have three main goals. First is to rescue the hostages.
Second is to neutralize the Death Fog and third is to destroy the stolen
weapons. Commander Nijil will be leading away team one with the goal of
retrieving the hostages.

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Commander McLaren, Marine Captain Luthas, Lieutenant Stendhal and
Ensign deBarres will be working with Commander Nijil on this team.

Luthas: Sir.

McLaren/Stendhal/deBarres: ?

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Again your goal is to safely extract Captain Lofsha and the
sixteen crew of the qulCha'par. Lofsha is not aware of Starfleet's=
hand in
this, but is aware of the cult and has a background in border
negotiations. She should be willing to help you if you can convince her
that your presence and actions benefit her and her crew.

Luthas: And hopefully no unknown biases.

McLaren/Stendhal/deBarres: ?

Nijil: ?

Taybrim: Second is to cleanse or eradicate the stores of Death Fog.
Commander Galven will be lead for this mission.

Galven: Aye, sir. Being that it's Taelon's creation, I woul=
d appreciate his
expertise more on this with whomever else will be with the Death Fog

Taybrim: You will be using Taelon's design to help you complete the
scrubbing and you'll have to be careful in getting close enough to =
the robots. Ensigns Taelon, Steiger, Kudon and Lieutenant Bailey will be
on this team.

Steiger nodded to the words of the captain, looking over to his assigned
team. To be honest, he knew that he was proud to be a part in this. That is
exactly why he joined Starfleet. Even though the stakes where high, Steiger
somehow managed to look forward to working with his team.

Steiger: Understood. We won't let you down.

Taelon/Bailey: ?

Kudon: How confident are we that scrubbing the silicon platinochloride will
render it 100% neutralized?

Galven: ::to Kudon:: We can discuss that later, but as of right now with
what we saw in the experiments last mission, it proved successful. ::to
Taybrim:: Will we be going directly to the main production facility?

Taybrim: yes, you will also be headed to the surface of Valkoth II. The
scans and fuzzy schematics Starfleet intel was able to gather will be
available to both ground teams.

Kudon: If possible, it would be ideal to analyze the scrubbing technology
before going to the surface, so that we can be fully aware of its
capabilities and potential limitations.

Steiger: Yeah, we'll have the opportunity for that. I'm pretty sure we'll
be running to the nearest labs as soon as possible after this meeting.
::Smiles, somehow in anticipation.::

Taelon/Bailey: ?

Galven: Wise words from all of you.

Taybrim: Last, but certainly not least, the rest of us will stay on the USS
Narendra. We have two primary goals =E2=80=93 defend against any ships tha=
t may be
in the area and locate their weapons cache to be able to capture or destroy
it. That means Commander Maxwell, Lieutenant Blackwell, and Ensign
Casparian =E2=80=93 you're all with me.

Maxwell/Casparian/Blackwell: ?

Taybrim: We will launch the USS Narendra in two hours, but we will have
seventeen hours before we reach our destination. That should give each
team enough time to convene, place and still be freshly rested for the
mission. Are there any last questions?

Any: ?

Steiger rubbed his hands together. While the others finished the meeting,
he focused his mind on the PADD in his hand and memorized the report
word-by-word. This is going to be a hard nut to crack. But it will be split
wide open.

*Ensign Steiger
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