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Ensign Steiger - Some Coffee Please (Taelon/Kudon/Bailey/Galven)

2020-05-14 08:55:35


*((Biological and Life Sciences Facility, Deck 5, USS Narendra))*

Airlock 401 on Deck 55. He was not surprised that his commander ordered the
group directly into the ship. From there they will launch their important
mission and it will do them good to get familiar with the ship that is
supposed to back them up. His feet hit the floor of the vessel, and he
remembered that this will be his first time on a Ambassador class ship. He
only heard good things about them, so there was that. Armed with the PADD
in his hand, his science officer uniform on his body and his Ensign
commbadge on his chest Steiger entered Deck 5 and found his target quite
fast. The Commander. Looks like he already set up a display of where
Valkoth II was located. It illuminated the surface of his desk while a
projected pinpoint marked the place where Starfleet Intel had seen the
production facility of the silicon platinochloride. Steiger lifted his
hand, greeting the room full of people.

Galven: Now, first things first which is going to be pretty obvious. We=E2=
need to wear EVA suits for safety sake. Isn't that right Lieutenant=

Bailey: ?

Steiger: Sure. I'll set up a algorithm that pings every single one of us as
soon as there are traces of the platinochloride in our immediate vicinity.
Should be fast work.

Bailey: ?

Taelon/Kudon: ?

The display then zoomed in on the facility and had a hypothetical layout of
what satellites and probes picked up from overhead. Great. It looked like a
maze down there. And his team would be right in the middle of it. But it
was only natural to guard your most priced possession in the middle of your

Galven: I'd imagine that it won't be easy, but we'l=
l need to use any type
of caution and even precaution available. Given the layout of the facility,
where do you think would be the least guarded entrance?

Steiger: From the ground. ::Wiggles his eyebrows.::

Taelon/Kudon/Bailey: ?

Galven: Now onto more about Ensign Kudon said during the briefing about the
scrubbing technology. Taelon, would you show the robot you made and do a
demonstration for those who haven't seen what it's capable =
of? There's a
containment field over in that area of the room if need be.

Taelon: ?

Galven: Pay close attention to what the robot can do. The production plant
may or may not be the layout given or even if it's dark, dimly lit,=
or any
other kind of surprises. While Taelon is working, what else do you three
think we need to carry out this kind of mission?

Steiger: Destroy or render the chemicals used for it in the first place
unusable for future use - not only the finished product. ::Taps his chin.::
If possible without killing any of the cult members. The obvious way would
be to blow everything up. But that leaves us with the possibility of
casualties down there.

He looked from left to right. Somewhere, there has to be a source of coffee
around here. Not a moment later he had a steaming mug of the liquid in his

Kudon/Bailey: ?

Steiger: That is actually a good course of thinking there. I like it!
::Takes a sip out of his mug.::

Kudon/Bailey/Galven/Taelon: ?

The Ensign watched Taelon preparing the robot to do his thing attentively
and curious, simultaneously writing a few notes down on his PADD.

Steiger: Impressive work you've done there. ::Nods to Taelon, impressed.::

Taelon: ?

Steiger: Interesting. Want to go over the specs of that robot with me real
quick after our initial talk here?

Taelon/Kudon/Bailey/Galven: ?


*Ensign Steiger
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