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PNPC 2LT Myrna, Combat Medic - "Hijacked" - Marine Down... Not For Long

2009-10-17 02:33:00


(( USS Resolution: Sickbay, Deck 2 )) Myrna: Sir, if you can hear me, today is not a good day for you to die. Sto-Vo-Kor will simply have to wait for your triumphant arrival. Deron: He's had a saccular aneurysm. ::pointing at the biofunction monitors:: ::In response Myrna called up a detailed scan of the sac-like tear that had formed.:: Myrna: Yes, I see it. Deron: He seems to be experiencing acute hypertension... there's nothing else that would suggest why he has it; perhaps it has been caused by stress or at least exacerbated by it. Myrna: He'll need microsurgery to treat it but it doesn't look too serious. Deron: I think we should be able to fix it, pretty easily... although, I believe convincing Captain Llewelyn not to let himself get to stressed in order to prevent it happening in the future is going to be less easy. Myrna: I wouldn't worry too much about it. Marines might be stubborn but we're also not foolish. He's a warrior and needs to die a warrior's death. Barnes: =/= Bridge to Sickbay =/= Deron: o0 this better not be more bad news! 0o =/= Deron here =/= Barnes: =/= Can you give me an update on the condition of Captain Llewelyn? =/= Deron: o0 why can't anyone let us work down here before looking for updates... I'd never contact the bridge in the middle of a fire-fight!0o =/= He's serious but stable; I will be in a better position to comment once he has been treated. =/= Barnes =/= Understood sickbay I'll pass the message on=/= Deron: Okay activate the sterile field and let's get this done... ::The Klingon combat medic was already on it, having prepped the primary surgical table and instructed the transporter to move the patient into the surgical ward. Depressing a panel, Myrna activated the sterile field as requested and deployed the surgical arch.:: Myrna: Ready when you are, Lieutenant. Deron: response ::Nodding, Myrna went to work aiding the doctor as he began surgery on her commanding officer. The procedure seemed to be going smoothly enough, the internal bleeding was stemmed quickly and all of the Marine Captain's vital remained strong and stable.:: Myrna: Looking good, Lieutenant. I'm impressed by your speed and precision. May I ask where you studied before joining the Academy? Deron: response Myrna: Interesting. I was trained by my mother before joining the Klingon Defense Forces just before the outbreak of the war. I've been a combat medic every since, eventually transferring to the Academy and enlisting in the Marines. Deron: response TAG/TBC 2nd Lieutenant Myrna Daughter of Mieng Great House of Jatrel Marine Combat Medic USS Resolution, NCC-78145