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PNPC Commander Vreenak - "Hijacked" - Revelations continued

2009-10-17 14:23:00


((USS Resolution)) Turner: So what is it you want of the Resolution? Vreenak: I wish to coordinate with you so that I can expose Aimne's treachery and for you to get your crew members and freighters back. I propose that you effect repairs to your ship while I set course to intercept Aimne. I will seize his vessel and meet you after your ship has been repaired. We will all be heading somewhere near Iconia, and once I have Amine's ship and you and I meet again, I will return your eight crew members. Although, I expect one will not be thrilled to be returning to your ship. I suspect that Varal's spy on your vessel was transported to Amine's ship with your other crew members, but I don't know for sure. Once we meet and I return your crew members, I will give you the location of the Ferengi pirate. You will be on your own from there as I will be returning to Duronis II to deliver Aimne. Turner: Alright, Commander, we'll have to trust you one this. ::pressing the comm:: =/= Lt. Unum please send someone to CRR, and escort Commander Vreenak and his engineers back to the transporter room for beaming back to his ship. =/= Unum: =/= Yes, Commander. I'm on the way. =/= Turner: We appreciate your taking time to come talk to us, Commander. I sincerely hope that you will be sucessful in your plan to oust Varal. Vreenak: Thank you for meeting with me, Commander. With Aimne monitoring communications, it was the only way to speak candidly. Once I have control of Aimne's ship, I will send you the coordinates for your ship and mine to meet. ::A moment later, a security officer arrived to escort Vreenak, and Vreenak stood.:: Vreenak: ::bowing his head to Turner:: Until later then. And, things will be different when you return to Duronis II. ::Vreenak followed the security officer out of the office. Once Vreenak and his escort reached the transporter room, he found his two engineers unharmed and ready for transport. Vreenak contacted his ship and had them close to transporter range and lower shields long enough to transport the three Romulans back onboard.:: ((IRW D'Nali)) ::Once all three were back onboard the warbird, Vreenak went straight to the Bridge where he ordered the helmsman to set a course for Romulan space and once they were clear of the sector to power down shields and weapons. He nodded to his sub-commander to follow him into Vreenak's office. Once in the office, Vreenak sat at his desk and activated the computer. He notified his superior of their progress and received his orders. Vreenak acknowledged and told his sub-commander to make preparations. Once the sub-commander left, Vreenak contacted Aimne to notify him of the Resolution's destruction and to determine a rendezvous location. Once he had the location, Vreenak returned to the Bridge and instructed his helmsman to rendezvous with Amine's warbird at the specified coordinates.:: TBC PNPC Commander Vreenak Romulan Warbird D'Nali SIMed by LtJg. Miles Unum