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LtJg. Unum, CoS - "Hijacked" - Removing the guests

2009-10-17 14:25:00


((USS Resolution - Deck 2 - Sickbay)) ::Miles and his three security officers monitored Sickbay as the doctors evaluated the seven women brought over from the Romulan warbird. He stood next to and talked with one of the security officers about what they overheard the women tell the doctors, and Miles' communicator activated.:: Turner: =/= Lt. Unum please send someone to CRR, and escort Commander Vreenak and his engineers back to the transporter room for beaming back to his ship. =/= Unum: =/= Yes, Commander. I'm on the way. =/= Unum: ::tapping his comm. badge:: =/= Unum to Orman. I need you to escort the two Romulan engineers to Transporter Room 1 to return them to their ship. I'll meet you there with the Romulan commander in a few minutes. =/= Orman: =/= Response =/= ::Miles advised the security officer next to him to take charge and notify Miles if there were any significant changes. Miles walked over to Talon from behind and placed his hand on the center of her back.:: Unum: ::as she turned to look at him, he smiled:: Fancy meeting you here. Lee: Response Unum: Yeah. ::grinning:: I guess I'll do just about anything to get to see you. ::more seriously:: I need to go and escort our Romulan guests back to the transporter room. If you need anything, call me. I should be back in a few minutes. Lee: Response ::Miles smiled at her and walked away heading toward the CRR.:: ((Deck 1 - CRR)) ::Once Miles entered the CRR, he asked the Romulan to follow him.:: Vreenak: ::bowing his head to Turner:: Until later then. And, things will be different when you return to Duronis II. ::Miles wondered what the Romulan meant by that statement. He walked with the Romulan out to the Bridge and then to the turbolift.:: ((Deck 3 - Transporter Room 3)) ::Miles escorted the Romulan to the transporter room where Katy was waiting with the two Romulan engineers. Miles gave the order to the transporter chief to energize once the three Romulans stood on the transporter pad. Once they were gone, Miles turned toward Katy.:: Unum: Any problems from the Romulan engineers? Orman: Response Tag/TBC LtJg. Miles Unum Chief of Security USS Resolution, NCC-78145