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PNPC LtCmdr Talon Lee, ACCO - "Hijacked" - Animals

2009-10-17 18:46:00


((Sickbay)) ::While the women were being checked by the doctors, Talon and J.T. waited for them to come out. When Dr. Devonshire brought the first one out, J.T. took her to one of the private rooms to evaluate her psychologically, leaving Talon to wait for the others to attend until he was finished.:: ::Miles walked over to Talon from behind and placed his hand on the center of her back. Turning to see that it was him, she felt immediately better about the situation. It had been difficult to see the women in such a distressed frame of mind.:: Unum: ::as she turned to look at him, he smiled:: Fancy meeting you here. ::She took hold of his hand, holding it at her shoulder, rubbing it against the side of her face.:: Lee: ::smiling:: Yes, you do get around, don't you? Unum: Yeah. ::grinning:: I guess I'll do just about anything to get to see you. ::more seriously:: I need to go and escort our Romulan guests back to the transporter room. If you need anything, call me. I should be back in a few minutes. Lee: Okay, I'll be here awhile. We have a lot of work to do. ::Miles smiled at her and walked away, and in a few minutes another of the women, came out of the examination room, looking a lot better than she did when she had gone in. Talon approached her.:: Lee: Come, let's sit over here. I'm Talon Lee. Can I get something for you to eat or drink? Wilson: ::sitting down:: I'm Paulette Wilson, and something to drink please... water, juice, or anything wet will do. They didn't give us much to eat or drink, but I don't think I could eat anything right now. Lee: ::saddened that they had with held the basics from her:: I'll be right back. ::Talon went to get the drink and came back.:: Lee: ::giving it to her:: This is a supplemented water drink. It will help replenish the fluids you lost quicker, but sip it. A lot of fluid at one time would make you sick to your stomach. Wilson: ::taking a sip:: Thanks. Lee: ::sitting beside her:: Paulette, I'm sorry this happened to you. It must had been awful to be treated so badly. Wilson: ::bursting into tears:: I.... don't to tell my husband. He'll hate me. Lee: ::hugging her:: No, hun, he'll know none of this was your fault. Wilson: ::sobbing:: You don't understand, it was not just one or two. I wanted to die, and prayed to die, but the only way I could get through it was to disjoint my mind from what was happening to me, and I quit fighting and let it happen. Lee: ::comforting her:: You did the right thing, Paulette. They would have killed you if you had fought them, but you are here now, and safe from them. Hold on to that. ::Paulette continued to cry for awhile, and Talon let her, because it was the start of the healing process. Talon knew that she would never forget what happened to her, but with time it would fade. When she had cried it out, Talon took her to a room and gave her a sedative to help her sleep, and after it had kicked in, she stepped back into the main sickbay to see what she could do for the others.:: ::Some of their stories were much the same. Some not as bad, but certainly traumatic. Talon was filled with rage for the pirates that had been so brutal. She sat down in a chair, thinking of a hundred things she would like to do to them. Castration without benefit of anesthesia seemed to come to mind most often.:: ::Unaware of anyone, she spoke a loud.:: Lee: Animals, all of them. Unum: Response Lee: Yes, and I won't even tell you what I'd like to see done to them. Unum: Response TAG PNPC LtCmdr Talon Lee, ACCO Assistant Chief Counseling Officer USS Resolution NCC-78145 SIMed by Cmdr Toni Turner